Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays to you all!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me through this year...I could not go on without you. Your encouragement and belief in me always amazes me and urges me forward to try to reach my potential. Life is never easy, but with stauch supporters, it is a lot easier to bear.

My wish is that you all live long and live happily, enjoying the life that we all have, remembering to enjoy it. Remember that you are loved, as a wise woman used to tell me. Knowing that makes all the difference in the world, without it, you really don't feel like much.

Happy Holidays and have a grand New Year!

And so I'll end with a song...

-Lady V

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cherish this time of year

Winter. Christmas. The Holidays. Being Together. I thought of this as I tried to think of what to create for this holiday season.

I have decided to take a short break from my style cards. I have one I've started already, but it can wait.

This pose I have just finished is not just a's a pose set. I call it Cherished Couple Pose.

It is my first couple pose set and I think it's pretty good for a first try.

My aim was  to portray a man and a woman, in a loving embrace. The man is resting his chin against his love's forehead. Her legs are wound around his waist and she is holding his waist. Notice the little inset, the woman gazes up into his eyes. This pose set can be used in both ways. And as always, this set is copy and modify but no transfer, like my standard poses. (The ones that aren't, are early poses that I will retire eventually.)

Here's the LM to my store:

I hope you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Hopefully, I release another couple set soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~Lady V
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Monday, November 26, 2012

New male shape: Raul

Hi lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been working on my newest shape, Raul. It took me awhile to edit the product texture. I wanted  to make it look better. I have never made a texture like this one. This is what it looks like:

I've never put 3 photos on one texture, so I was a bit nervous. It's not my best job, but I think it came out pretty decently. You have a pretty good idea of what Raul looks like.

Raul is tall, slim, athletic with blue eyes and an edgy hair style. I love how the bangs touch his brow. It's a nice, dramatic sweep that doesn't cover up his bright eyes. He might look a bit like a rebel, but he's still an all-out nice guy.

Raul's skin is from Redgrave. The outfit is mesh. The hair is prim or sculpted, I think. So it's best to use a mesh enabled viewer if you do want to buy this package. Inside the box I have included the Styling card, along with some information about Lady Victoria' Creations.

Here is Raul at my marketplace page.

I hope you Americans all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

I will start working on some holiday poses.

Have fun and enjoy life!

-Lady V

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New stuff coming soon!

Hi lovelies! I know, it's been too long since my last update! I will release a pose and a shape or two really soon! I did finish one other Halloween pose, but I have been so very busy with LEVITY magazine. It has been stressful, but I think I'm sorting it all out. My new stuff will be released soon, I promise! I really miss creating! Love, Lady V Go here Go Back To This Site

Friday, October 19, 2012

Suave and Serene...Tony and Serena shapes

Hi lovelies,

I got done with 2 new shapes, Tony and Serena.

Tony is suave, casual, laidback, easygoing. He even has a little smile. I had fun creating the shape. The skin for him is Tellaq. Tellaq has lots of great skins. The shading and texturing is really good. The exact skin I used for Tony is Giuseppe. I know, he looks nothing like the Tellaq ad. I wanted to create a different look.

Tony looks great with a white shirt and a pair of black jeans.

Serena is serene, thoughtful, gentle, and sweet. Her skin is League's Isla. I used the fair tone. Not all my shapes will be for dark skin tones.

In other news, I will release my next pose very shortly. Like Cowering Fear and Terrified Corner, it will also be a scared pose for Halloween!

Have fun and enjoy life!

-Lady V

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Niani's Intrepretation of my 2 Halloween poses!

Hey all! Working on some new stuff for my line like new shapes and a new pose. They will be released soon!

I wanted to share with you a blog link by a good friend of mine, Niani. She is a photographer and fashion blogger from Germany. I simply love her photos. And her's fabulous. She now blogs for WoW skins!

She blogged about my 2 Halloween poses, Terrified Corner and Cowering Fear.

I am so grateful and impressed by her intrepretations of my 2 poses.

Which one is your favorite?

Have fun and enjoy life!

-Lady V

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Terrified Corner pose, 2nd Halloween pose

Hi lovelies!

I just got done with my latest pose, my second one for Halloween. It is called Terrified Corner.

You're sitting in the corner, terrified that you might be found by a scary monster or thing. You hope you won't be found!

Hope you like it! I hope to release my next pose soon!

Have fun and enjoy life!

-Lady V

To Fashion Feed of SL

To IheartSL

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introducing a new shape line...

Hi lovelies! I am pleased to announce that I am now creating shapes! I have made one for a male and one for a female. I hope you like them. They are Julio and Roxanne! Julio was made using LAQ's Emmett as a guide. And Julio was made with the help of my friend, Julio Khaos. He will help me with the male shapes and he'll receive a percent of the sales. The Julio shape is slim, slender, and athletic. I didn't want him to look bulky like a lot of shapes out there.  The full package comes with a Style card of where the skin can be found, the hair he's wearing, eyes, AO, and so on. You can find Julio demo here.

My female shape I created in Roxanne. The skin I used is Redgrave's Leticia3. It was in the Female skins new release area at the main store inworld. Roxanne is voluptuous, sexy, curvy, and looks strong like an Amazon. She is confident ahd mysterious.  The full version has a tall and short shape as well as a Style Card that includes the skin, shape, eyes, AO, and more. You can find Roxanne demo here.

I hope you'll check both shapes out!

A new pose will be released soon.

Have fun and enjoy life!

- Lady V

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween?

Well, I know I am! Hi lovelies! I finished a brand new pose last night and it is made especially for Halloween! I'm hoping you'll try it and maybe buy it!

It's called Cowering Fear Pose and it's a huddled under the table pose.

I've been busy as always, but 2 days ago I had this idea.

To me, this pose is about being in distress, scared, but also curious about what will happen next.

I got plans for another pose. I hope I can release that one soon!

Be well.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

-Lady V
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

News and a change for Lady V

Hi lovelies!

I hope you've been well. I hope you enjoyed your summer and the first day and week of school went well. Happy belated Labor Day!

I have been laboring away. The Steampunk animations are done, but the client has not logged in to see them. If he doesn't come in soon, I might alter them and sell them.

A big change is coming. My main store will close, due to the owners of the sim selling it. They said that they are too busy with RL, so they are looking for a seller. They have asked me and others to take our inventory. I will do that and move my main store to a sim where I've slowly been remodelling. This means that I will have to put more stuff in that stuff and make it my main store location. A kick in the butt is what we need sometimes to get things done, isn't it? Lol.

Though I have been busy, I have taken some time to make a pose. It's not ready for sale yet, but I did use it in a photo shoot.

I call it Languishing. She's just lying there with her hand dangling in the water. She doesn't care that she''s getting her glove wet. Her legs are kind of bent.  I'm really proud of this picture. A lot of my friends have said it's great. I did use Gimp for the shine and blurring (even needed the heal tool). I think it was just enough editing.

Until soon, enjoy the art and enjoy life...

~ Lady V
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No new updates....yet

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for no new updates. I miss creating new poses and  taking the shot of the pose inworld.

But I've been kept busy working on an animation commission for a client. The job is for a robot AO. I have to create 9 anims....walk, run, hover, 3 flys, a sit, a jump, and one more. I'm on the last one. I'll be done soon.

Creating AO animations is still a bit challenging for me, but I am improving. This is my third or fourth AO job. Practice makes better!

I'll post an update real soon!

_ Lady V

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quietly Sensual

Hi lovelies!

I hope you're enjoying this last month of summer. It has been a scorcher, hasn't it? Hopefully, you've all managed to stay cool, keep hydrated, and stayed safe!

I've been quite busy. So I give you my very latest pose. Quietly Sensual.

It is a casual standing pose for use in photography. It looks good in many angles. As always, I took a lot of shots before picking my fourth shot for the product texture.

Here are some more shots:

This pose is great for standing on the beach with tousled or windswept hair. The hair is from Emo-tions from the Windblown collection. It is Windblown II. It's a fabulous collection.

Shooting with this pose was fun. I enjoyed it and I hope you like this pose as much as I do!

You can try it inworld here.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

- Lady V
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

An alluring, sultry pose for you!

Hi lovelies!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer! Please make sure to keep hydrated with lots of water and stay indoors during thunderstorms. It's been such a hot summer, hasn't it? Well, it won't be much longer. July is coming to an end!

I have created a new pose, inspired by a great actress and culture icon, Brigitte Bardot.

And here is my reproduction of it.....

I found this pose to be a bit challenging. I think it came out really well. Who knows, I might try to do a better version later.

The hair is Mina Anouk, I got it from Hair Fair 2012. It came with a HUD that let me choose that shade of black. That was something new to me, a very neat option. Hair Fair is packed with great hair creators this year, check it out! The list and LMs for where the stalls are are at the Hair Fair blog, so check it out ladies! I've only been to a handful of stalls and I was impressed.

I will keep you updated!

Have fun and enjoy the view!

_Lady V

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A new pose for all you cute girls

Hi lovelies!

I created a cute new pose. I call it Shy Cutie. The pose is inspired by a picture I found of Cheryl Cole, a member of Girls Aloud and a former judge of X Factor. It's feminine, flirty, cute, and alluring.

Finding the hair and outfit was difficult, but not impossible. I needed something sweet and girlish and simple...nothing too formal or too casual. I decided to opt for mesh hair by Truth, a cute hairstyle that looks a bit messy and is chin length. Cynthia is also a good choice. I might buy that hair later.

I found a nice dressy top and paired it with blue jeans.

It's on marketplace now:

Hope you like it!

-Lady V

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing Julio's Creations and my first fat pack!

Hi lovelies!

Today I have finally released my first fat pack. It is called Left & Right Recline fatpack. As promised, it is a pack of two, Left Recline & Right Recline. I'm not good at photo editing so I took a picture of the boxes stacked on top of each other. I know, it's so elementary but I haven't had time to improve my image manipulation skills. I am still honing my animation skills.It can be time consuming. I'm a mild perfectionist so I work and tweak a pose or animation until I feel satisfied with it. It annoys me when I see poses from bigger companies and the limbs just look a bit weird. So I decided long ago that I would not be like that. If that means I have to upload and re-upload a few times, then so be it. As a result, I don't release stuff often. When I do though, you can expect it to look nearly perfect.

The fat pack is available at my marketplace page:

My second bit of news is that my friend, Julio Khaos, has come out with a new line of poses. It is called Julio's Creations. He is quite proud of it. I will help him, so I will blog about his new releases. His first pose is  called Casual Guy Pose. He wants to create poses and animations for guys in SL. So many of the poses I have seen are for women. There are not nearly as many male poses as female poses.

He has not set up any vendors inworld, but he does have a marketplace page. It is here:  .

Well, that's all my news for now!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

Lady V

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Right Recline

Hi lovelies!

I now have a Right Recline to go with my Left Recline! You know what that means? Soon I'll have my first fatpack out! It will be a dual pack, but I will work on more and then bring out a bigger fat pack. I'm so excited!

I might take a break from lay poses and do some more sits and standing poses. We'll see. I've been looking for ideas. I really need to have more poses. I'll get there, I'm sure.

I guess the chaise only works for the Left Recline lol. Still looks good anyhow. The chaise is from Diesel Works. It's owned by a friend of a friend. It's a sweet color, cream colored. I usually wear white for photos (at least in SL).

I hope you enjoy this pose. And hey, someone bought a copy of Left Recline as I was writing this. Cool, right? Yay!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

Lady V

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Latest update, Left Recline

Hi lovelies!

Long time no post, I know! Been busy busy!

I'm happy to announce that I have released a new pose. I had hoped to have one out by my birthday, but was just too busy. But this one is definitely a sweet pose. I call it Left Recline.

I was originally going to use a blue or white windlight, but the pink seemed to soften my face and it gives the skin a nice, rosy tint. So I went with it. It's fun taking pictures in SL. You can control the lighting and sky colors, unlike in RL. LOL. So it's cheating, but hey....that's  why it's SL.

You can find the pose at my MP page..

Or here at my main store inworld:

Have fun and enjoy the art1

~Lady Victoria

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beautiful Sadness Pose, new pose!

Hi lovelies!

I have finally come up with a new pose. So much has happened since my last release. This release feels really personal to me. It's about being sad and expressing it. The pose is named Beautiful Sadness. Originally it was fallin'. My inspiration came from Adele's song, Set Fire To The Rain. The lyrics that stand up  to me now are, "my knees they felt so weak, to stand in your arms, without fallin' to your feet..."

Everyone feels sad and weak, whether you lose a friend because they die or they just walk away from you or you lose someone close to you, or you lose something to a disaster...we all know sadness. And sadness can be beautiful, not just to poets or musicians, but also to those who appreciate life and accept that sadness is just a part of our lives.

So don't be afraid to feel sad. Don't be afraid to let it show. You are not alone.

You can buy it here:

And soon it will be at my marketplace page, I will post the direct link soon.



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Friday, April 6, 2012

Revamped Redemption pose!

Hi lovelies!

Happy Easter!

So much has been going on. I have been busy with commissions. And writing too!

For the Easter sales, I created a newer version of an old pose. It's Redemption/Exultation v2.

I tried to add rain to it. It did show up as well as I wanted. It's not too bad.

The pose is based on one scene in the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, where Tim Robbins is kneeling in the water and looking up towards the heavens. That is one of the most dramatic shots I've ever seen. I hope someday to create something close to that.

Forgot to mention one thing, I left my Stheno parcel. It was too laggy and I wasn't getting more traffic.

You can find my poses at Salt Creek.

And I'm at marketplace, Lady Victoria's Creations.
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Long time no updates...sorry!

Hi lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of updates. RL and SL activities have been keeping me quite busy. I have been focused on custom jobs and writing articles. Custom jobs I finished were 2 poses for holding weapons (a chainsaw gun mockup and a bazooka mockup). The chainsaw one really challenged me, but it was finished last week or the week before. Also, I am working on finishing a little kid animation set for a little jeep. I am on the last kid animation. Hope I finish in a few days!

This week, one of my main groups celebrated it's 100th week of operation! It's the Monday Mania Group! I was giving out my Zombie Stand. This was my first animation that I ever made. It's not perfect, but it was very exciting and new for me. I mean, I still find animating's such a challenge and I do different types of projects. I push myself to improve my technique. But the thrill of trying something for the first's just so special.

It's also up at marketplace for 0L for now. Yes, it's sold by Direct Delivery. It took me a few days and some tips to figure out how to do that. And I am still working on uploading more items to be sold by Direct Delivery. So marketplace will be a bit slow due to merchants loading up into the Direct Delivery system. With the new system, you don't need a magic box on your land. It's all web based. The server will send the item to the buyer. In order for this to be possible, every viewer compatible with Direct Delivery has a merchant outbox. I just dragged sale items into the merchant outbox, then I pressed "send to marketplace." It sounds a bit easier than how it is. Also, you have to remember to delete your magic box from your marketplace dashboard, deleting the box inworld is not enough. A helpful link is here.

Regarding writing, I finished an article about the top 10 blogs in SL for LEVITY magazine. I love writing for LEVITY. My editor is cool and I never feel intimidated or inferior. The latest issue is here. Blogs featured are BOSL blog, UWA blog, Phoenix Viewer blog, and 7 others! Have a read and I hope you enjoy it! Join the LEVITY readers group and if you want, subscribe to LEVITY at :-)

Because of that article, I landed a job at BOSL magazine. I blog about art for UWA in SL. So at first I was going to do a blog article for them about an artist. But, Frolic Mills decided to have the  March issue be about art. So, I wrote an article about a fabulous Italian artist in the latest issue of BOSL. Any day now the issue will be released. I can't wait! Even I don't know who are all the artists featured in the issue! One thing I do know is that it will surely be good!

Also, I am currently writing an article for LEVITY about the Military Expo at the WW2 Memorial Park sim. It's the first time that the SL Flying Tigers have ever hosted their own military expo. Very exciting! It ended yesterday. I am nearly done writing it. It was a big project. I had a lot of fun visiting, chatting with some of the officers in charge, and of course....flying in the airplanes!

Yesterday, I joined Virtual Music Magazine, headed by Jay Hurikan. I worked for him briefly at Cisum Webzine. I got my first assignment to interview a singer, so we'll see how that goes.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Latest today...The Siren Pose!

Hi lovelies!

I just finished my newest pose today, it's called The Siren Pose. It is inspired by Eva Longoria. I was doing an image search and I thought I'd type in her name and see what I'd find. And I found this sexy photo of her. It really took a lot of time to make, but I kept at it. I spent hours on it. And I'm very pleased with the results.

It is the same outfit from Seductive Woman. I couldn't think of what else to wear. Other than that, the skin, shape, hair, and bangles are different. And the pose too, of course. I really like how this turned out. This is one of the most realistic looking poses I've ever made.

I hope you'll stop by my shop and try it out. Go here to see it:

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three fabulous outfits from Glow Designs

Hi lovelies!

I'm running behind schedule, so unfortunately I did not finish  the pose I had in mind. But I will definitely get on it. I have the idea and also I'll need to build the prop. I'm not the best at building, but I will try my best and ask for help and tips if I need it. Because hey, one person can't do it all. It's great to get feedback, help, and ideas from others!

However, I do have more outfits to show you from my friend TanyA, owner of Glow Designs. Her designs are lovely, inventive, trendy and just gorgeous!

The first outfit I am wearing is called Amore in green. It's a beautiful green evening gown. However, it is not a plain dark green, it is a mix of many greens with a bit of sparkle in it. I think it is gorgeous. The first photo is of the entire dress. The second photo is a closeup of the sleeves and delicate bodice. The ruffles are elegant and sweet.

Amore in green

Even my guy friends adored it. The name is definitely appropriate. You will LOVE it and your friends will LOVE it too.

The dress also comes with stockings and matching shoes.

Up next is Amore in silver. It's a bit different, but if you notice, it is similar to Amore in green.

Amore in silver
The hem and skirt of the dress looks just like Amore in silver, notice how piecey and wide it looks....its overall shape. It also seems to shine. The texturing on this dress is really nice. The shoulder ruffle leads the eye down to the waistline and bustle...a beautiful touch to this silvery creation.

Here is a closeup of the shoulder ruffle and bodice.

I even have a picture of the shoes and stockings. I like the silver color shoes, they almost look white. They can go with any outfit. Mixing and matching is fun, isn't it?

For the last outfit, I'm dressing down. It's a more casual, relaxed look....more business casual. It's stylish and comfortable. It's called *GD* Anel. It's a cream-colored belted sweater dress with laced up boot heels.

*GD* Anel

I love this outfit. And lest I forget, take a look at the shoes. Aren't they just très chic?

And that's it for now!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

Oh silly me, I forgot to add that there are 2 collars for this outfit. One is the standard turtle neck and the other is the classy cowl neck. The difference is subtle. I prefer the cowl neck. Which do you prefer? Either way, both collars look great on this ensemble!

Turtleneck version collar

Classy cowl neck version
~Lady V

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Animation updates and showing off outfits

Hi lovelies!

I am working on a new pose this week. I hope to release it soon. I think you'll want to have it.

In other news, I finished a mining animation for a client. It's an animation of a miner bent on one knee and hammering at tin ore. This one was a bit challenging because at first, I didn't have a clear visual of what the client wanted. If you do custom animating or most custom work, you will see this. Clients expect you to know what they want, but without a lot of specifics. You just have to be patient with them and ask them if they can find something for you. Well, I am just happy that that client is satisfied.

Ok, so I will be showing off some clothing by a friend of mine who owns Glow Designs. Her name is TanyA Wakaonna. She is from South Africa. She is very kind. Currently, she is working on setting up a new store inworld. I will include an LM here when I get one.

*GD* Alek City Girl

This dress is called Alek City Girl. Normally I don't wear bright orange, but I really like this tone of orange. It's bright, but has a bit of softness in it. It reminds me a little of Orange Sorbet. I really like the ruffle by the collar bone. It adds a bit of flair to the dress and accentuates the soft curving of the shoulders and neck. So ladies, you don't need a necklace to get people to look up at your face and shoulders or...bosom. Smiles. I love how  the torso area is a mix of blue and orange. It adds dimension to an otherwise too orangey dress. The blending is flawless and soft, not sharp or extreme.

The flounce of the dress is interesting too. It slants downwards, not a typical straight hem. It seems to sweep the air when you move. I think that is a nice touch.

The outfit also comes with shoes and stockings.

The shoes match the bodice of the dress. The stockings match the shoes perfectly. The stockings are two-toned, a light purple and a dark purple. I'm reminded of Pippi Longstockings but with a twist. Pippi wouldn't wear platform shoes, especially not ones this color.

This next outfit is *GD* Alice in Green. I think it's such a fun outfit to wear and take pictures in.

*GD* Alice in Green

I really liked how this shot came out. The skirt looks like it's swishing in the air. It looks a bit like a hippy skirt, except shorter and the feel is a bit like a Hawaiian grass skirt too, by looking at it (but I'm sure you can imagine the feel if you look at it inworld, maybe garments should make garment sounds like shoes have the tapping sound in them).

The bodice looks sweet and sexy at the same time. The puffed sleeves brings a girlishness to this dress. While this dress is very modern, it also still retains a bit of that classic Alice in Wonderland feel. The cuffs make it seem athletic and it brings to mind how Alice was running around looking for a way out.

I think the striped socks are cute. They also add a girlish feel to it. Don't they look warm? Now this is a closeup of the socks and shoes.

You can see more clearly how tall these socks are. And check out the shoes! Aren't those Crocs too cute? The shoes are also included with the outfit. This is also a modern touch. If you remember the book and movie, Alice wore black Mary Jane shoes. These are just as cute. Just like Mary Janes, Crocs are trendy and versatile, they can go with just about any casual outfit (no one try to wear Crocs with formal wear LOL).

The last item (it's not an outfit) I will show off is a jewelry set. The set is called Indawo.
*GD* Indawo

I really like these sky blue clay beads. The little leaf adds an earthy touch to it. This set can go with any casual outfit. I like how the beads have white blended in them, like they really were baked in an oven. Even the leaf has a shine to it in the texture.

The set even includes a matching bracelet. I have a closeup picture of it below.

The set is trendy and very stylish. I love it. I love the earthy feel to this set.

So these are the items I'm showing off for today. I have more for next time!

Have fun and enjoy each day!


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brand New pose, Seductive Woman pose!

Hi lovelies!

Just released this brand new pose, it's  sensual, it's hot, come try it for yourself! You can lay on a table, on a sofa, on a bed, a counter, or even on the floor! A versatile pose that I hope you'll love!

When I was making this pose I thought of lying down in the sun and feeling the warmth of its rays or letting the rain fall down on me. One of my friends said it even looked like an orgasm pose. Ha well, maybe he has a point. :-)

I really had fun setting up the shot. And I felt just divine wearing that diaphanous silk ensemble. It definitely leaves nothing to the imagination. It's from Temptress Designs. I hope you'll check out the store at marketplace.

To see this and other creations of mine, go here:

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Friday, February 10, 2012

New pose from Lady Victoria, in time for Valentine's Day!

Hi lovelies!

Lady V has been busy as usual. I am happy to say though that I have just released a new pose for my brand, Lady Victoria's Creations. I changed the name, because it looks better on my new banner.

The pose is called Sexy Temptress. It is a seductive sit pose, looks nice on a bed or sofa. As you can see, I am sitting on a sofa, a red silk sofa. I bought the silk texture awhile back, like last year. This was the first time I used it. I built that sofa for a prop. It's not quite good enough to sell, but it looked pretty good in the photo. I could make some adjustments on it and who knows, it'll be an item under my label. :-)

It's copy and mod, but no transfer. I hope you like it.

Also, I got the corset from NV Corsetry. One of the owners, Khurt Vargon, helped me to resize it. He was most helpful and replied to offlines promptly. Their corsets are so realistic. I love them.

Yes, I took the picture myself. I've been practicing my photo skills in SL lately, aside from custom animation jobs.

I hope you'll visit my store inworld to see my little photo gallery.

Happy Valentine's all! Happy weekend!

Lady V

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year! Two new releases!

Hi lovelies!

Happy New Year and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! I wish you all a joyous, most productive 2012!

After the holidays, I got busy and created two new poses! Pics are below.

One is the Propped sit pose, a gentle and relaxing pose for any mood and looks great anywhere. In the pic, I'm sitting on a garden bench. I think it's cozy.

The second one is called Crouching Tiger pose! I love this one. It was inspired by my fiancee Rueben. He called me a tigress one night and the idea slowly materialized. I went to a jungle sim and took lots of pictures. I give you the resulting pic below.

As a bonus, I've included the Style card which includes the hair, makeup, and stripes that made my pic so distinctive.

Go here to view it at my store:

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