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No new updates....yet

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for no new updates. I miss creating new poses and  taking the shot of the pose inworld.

But I've been kept busy working on an animation commission for a client. The job is for a robot AO. I have to create 9 anims....walk, run, hover, 3 flys, a sit, a jump, and one more. I'm on the last one. I'll be done soon.

Creating AO animations is still a bit challenging for me, but I am improving. This is my third or fourth AO job. Practice makes better!

I'll post an update real soon!

_ Lady V

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Quietly Sensual

Hi lovelies!

I hope you're enjoying this last month of summer. It has been a scorcher, hasn't it? Hopefully, you've all managed to stay cool, keep hydrated, and stayed safe!

I've been quite busy. So I give you my very latest pose. Quietly Sensual.

It is a casual standing pose for use in photography. It looks good in many angles. As always, I took a lot of shots before picking my fourth shot for the product texture.

Here are some more shots:

This pose is great for standing on the beach with tousled or windswept hair. The hair is from Emo-tions from the Windblown collection. It is Windblown II. It's a fabulous collection.

Shooting with this pose was fun. I enjoyed it and I hope you like this pose as much as I do!

You can try it inworld here.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

- Lady V
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