Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Girl is On Fire pose!

Hey friends and followers of this blog,

How are you?

I've finally got around to completing another pose. I made this one and named it after a song I've always liked, This Girl is On Fire by Alicia Keyes. It's passionate and sexy.

The chaise lounge is by Boudoir in white, Precious Restless did such a great job with it. I got it off marketplace. It has a resize script in it and I did a lot of resizing to fit my tall avatar on it. I scaled it down to .830000. Being able to scale a piece of furniture is really handy.

I got the lingerie from the anyBODY event. The event is for those who want appliers for their mesh bodies: The Mesh Project, Wowmeh, Maitreya, Belleza, even Omega appliers. The lingerie I'm wearing is from MAAI and I have on the Omega appliers. It's a great event.

If you wear the Maitreya body like me, you'll need to have the relay HUD on before you wear the Omega appliers. You can get Omega appliers for any body except for TMP and SLink.

Oh and some news I heard on plurk days ago from Siddean Monroe, the Slink mesh body and mesh parts are being updated. Stay tuned! I am really excited about it! I was late making the switch to Slink but now I can't imagine not wearing them (unless I'm lazy or too tired to find them in my inventory).

Style credits:

hair: ARGRACE Urei in Ebony from the black pack
lashes: Mon Cheri Falsies
eyeshadow: Blacklace dreamy eyeshadow Ocean
lips: Pink fuel lipstick dark matte red from the Essential reds pack
body: Maitreya Lara mesh body
hands: Slink mesh hand casual
lingerie: MAAI Oaks lingerie in nude
heels: Glamistry Aster heels
feet: Slink high feet

Now on MP!

Best wishes and love,

Victoria Lenoirre

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More confidence...Confidence Man 2 pose!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are well. I made a new pose for men. It's called Confidence Man 2. I think the name fits it well. Imagine a man holding his hat and looking back at you steadily. That's how a confident man looks at others and the world. He is not afraid to look or be looked at.

I just love this outfit on Julio.

The fedora is from Every Pixel is Art, EPIA.

The jacket is Prism For Men by Lam Erin, it's Bristol 2. Lam did a fabulous job with the fit and the texturing. Thank you, Lam!

Hair is Akio by EXILE in the Raven tone. It's an older hair so it doesn't come with the fancy texture change HUD that I know you all like. It fit the best with the hat. There should be hat versions for more hair. It just looked strange when Julio went bald with this hat on.

Skin is Lee by Tellaq. Also, Julio is wearing Slink relaxed hands. You could wear a pointing hand as well on the right hand. Without the hands, the hand position is relaxed. It just looks better with the mesh hands.

This pose will also work with female avatars. It does look a bit pensive.

I truly hope that everyone who was affected by the raging snowstorm is safe and sound. Some areas got 2 feet. I'm not sure how much I got but it's a lot. It hasn't been this bad since 1978 in New Hampshire. And we're expecting more snow. It's going to be a longggg winter. :-P

Have a great weekend everyone!

Victoria Lenoirre

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cozy Winter chic and elegance...Preptopia and Glamistry

Hi, here's another look I'm modeling for you.

I call it Cozy Winter Chic and elegance. The fur vest, shirt and skinny jeans are Preptopia. I'm wearing the Cozy Chic Dark in dark colors. The jeans are the skinny jeans Indigo. The shirt is the Shiny Snowflake top in silver. The detail and look of the jeans is very realistic. I wish I had a pair like that in RL, no altering hems needed! They fit really well with the shoes, does not cover the tops of the shoes. Shoes are Eranthis by Glamistry.

I felt like I need a little adornment to complete the look so I am wearing RYCA platinum bracelets with platinum hoop earrings. Earrings are EARRINGS ICED PLATINUM and bracelet is BRACELET CTIE PLATINUM.

The hair is Asami from D!va hair. It's so stylish! I love the wisps of hair around my face.

The shoes are just gorgeous. They are ERANTHIS by Glamistry. 

Furniture is by 22769. It's the grey crocheted arm chair with accessories. You can find it at

Have a great week!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A new male pose...finally!

Hey, hey everyone! Yes, I made a new male pose. It is about time. I finally found a male pose I wanted to make. I call it Confidence Man. The inspiration is that song by Jeff Healey and the reference image made me think of confidence and being comfortable in one's skin. Confidence is such an attractive quality in a person.

 I hope you like it! I will be working on more men poses. There isn't that much to choose from so I shall make more! :-)


hair: EXILE high and dry dark brown pack
skin: Tellaq Lee from TMD
shape: Clef de peau
shirt: Prism Designs, from the male collection by Lam Erin
pants: Prism Designs, from the male collection by Lam Erin

Soon to be released inworld and on MP!

Now on MP!
(date 1/22/15)


Victoria Lenoirre

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Re-release of All the same to me

Hi everyone,

So I redid All the same to me. My logo is on it and I think the image quality is better. The outfit is nicer, right?

I wanted a sim shot standing in front of a classic piece of architecture. This is what I found. It's a column set by Jammin. The texturing is very authentic. The set frames me and so my avatar is the focal point.

I think I like this best in black and white. It looks more classy.

Special thanks to Just Darling for making this dress. It's beautiful! Thank you much to a certain staff member at Zuri Rayna for helping me with this look. This set by Zuri is just so nice.


hair: *booN ZGO223 hair black
dress: Just Darling Alexandra sapphire gown
jewelry: Zuri Rayna Autumn Symphony set in Parrot Opal
lips: Pink Fuel Essential reds

To IheartSL
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Preptopia's Old Hollywood

Hi lovelies,

I met a kind woman last month and she is the owner and designer of Preptopia, Lorelai Bonetto. Her designs are young and preppy. She has been creating for a few months now.

This is Preptopia Old Hollywood Blue. It looks so elegant and slimming. The train is visible behind me in this photo and not too long so it doesn't drag everywhere you walk.

Hair is Soleil by TRUTH. It is a sculpted style, not mesh. It is an old style but so very nice.

Please stop by Preptopia soon to see Lorelai's wonderful designs!  You can find this dress at the Luxury Haute Couture Fair 2015 which is hosted by Eva Kelini! The event opens tomorrow and runs until February 15th. See you there maybe!

eyes: IKON hope eyes
hair: TRUTH Soleil blacks, non mesh
dress: Preptopia Old Hollywood Blue gown
hands: SLink

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Re-release of Am I Wrong? pose

Hi all!

I'm back with a re-do of a product texture. It's a slow process and I'm not exactly psyched to be doing it but consistency is one of the best policies in a business. In the past, my products have never looked uniform so I'll start doing that now.

This is my re-release of Am I wrong? pose. The pose was inspired by the Nico & Vinz song Am I wrong? It's a soulful, upbeat tune that really has meaning in it.

This time I'm posed in front of an empty bookshelf. The shelf is part of Bibliophile's study by Dysfunctional Designs. This entire set is available at the we <3 rp event this month.

The dress is from Valentina E., the Jezebel dress. This is the dress in Dove, it's a light grey. The dress is also available in black and blue. The scarf part is in black or brown. All of these dresses can be bought from this month's FaMeshed event.

The hair is from /wasabi pills, Tiffany. The hair is also from FaMeshed.

I'm wearing hands from Slink, the elegant hands. I love the Slink hands, I should buy more. I do not own them all.

Eyes are from IKON.

So, I'll be back soon with a new release or a new re-release. I still have many more to go. I'll be sorting and not all of my poses will pass the sorting process. No one says updating is a fun process. Haha.

This is the link to this pose on MP.

You all take care! And if you're in a cold place, stay warm!

Best regards,

Victoria Lenoirre
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