Friday, October 19, 2012

Suave and Serene...Tony and Serena shapes

Hi lovelies,

I got done with 2 new shapes, Tony and Serena.

Tony is suave, casual, laidback, easygoing. He even has a little smile. I had fun creating the shape. The skin for him is Tellaq. Tellaq has lots of great skins. The shading and texturing is really good. The exact skin I used for Tony is Giuseppe. I know, he looks nothing like the Tellaq ad. I wanted to create a different look.

Tony looks great with a white shirt and a pair of black jeans.

Serena is serene, thoughtful, gentle, and sweet. Her skin is League's Isla. I used the fair tone. Not all my shapes will be for dark skin tones.

In other news, I will release my next pose very shortly. Like Cowering Fear and Terrified Corner, it will also be a scared pose for Halloween!

Have fun and enjoy life!

-Lady V

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Niani's Intrepretation of my 2 Halloween poses!

Hey all! Working on some new stuff for my line like new shapes and a new pose. They will be released soon!

I wanted to share with you a blog link by a good friend of mine, Niani. She is a photographer and fashion blogger from Germany. I simply love her photos. And her's fabulous. She now blogs for WoW skins!

She blogged about my 2 Halloween poses, Terrified Corner and Cowering Fear.

I am so grateful and impressed by her intrepretations of my 2 poses.

Which one is your favorite?

Have fun and enjoy life!

-Lady V

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Terrified Corner pose, 2nd Halloween pose

Hi lovelies!

I just got done with my latest pose, my second one for Halloween. It is called Terrified Corner.

You're sitting in the corner, terrified that you might be found by a scary monster or thing. You hope you won't be found!

Hope you like it! I hope to release my next pose soon!

Have fun and enjoy life!

-Lady V

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introducing a new shape line...

Hi lovelies! I am pleased to announce that I am now creating shapes! I have made one for a male and one for a female. I hope you like them. They are Julio and Roxanne! Julio was made using LAQ's Emmett as a guide. And Julio was made with the help of my friend, Julio Khaos. He will help me with the male shapes and he'll receive a percent of the sales. The Julio shape is slim, slender, and athletic. I didn't want him to look bulky like a lot of shapes out there.  The full package comes with a Style card of where the skin can be found, the hair he's wearing, eyes, AO, and so on. You can find Julio demo here.

My female shape I created in Roxanne. The skin I used is Redgrave's Leticia3. It was in the Female skins new release area at the main store inworld. Roxanne is voluptuous, sexy, curvy, and looks strong like an Amazon. She is confident ahd mysterious.  The full version has a tall and short shape as well as a Style Card that includes the skin, shape, eyes, AO, and more. You can find Roxanne demo here.

I hope you'll check both shapes out!

A new pose will be released soon.

Have fun and enjoy life!

- Lady V

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