Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back At One...this is for the men

Hi everyone!

How's life? I hope that you all are doing well and feeling okay.

I'm slowly developing my men pose line. I have a few older male poses. I have become more aware that the number of men poses out there is quite small. I thought of the reasons why and I understand them. But it's frustrating to search for men poses out there if only a few brands make poses specifically for men.

I'm going to try my best to create as many as I can.

This new one is called Back At One. It may sound familiar to some of you. There was this song that came out in 1999, sung by Brian McKnight. The song was on his 5th studio album.

To me, this pose shows a relaxed, proud man who stands tall and strong. He is alone but out of choice.

SLink hands are worn in the photo.

I want to thank my friend, Apollo, for critiquing the uploads I made until this final one. Even if I've been creating for years, it doesn't mean I upload the best version on the first time. I pride myself on the effort and time I spent checking the poses from all possible angles. Taking pictures can help me look at it from the perspective of an audience and see if it looks good or weird. Gyazo helps me too. Yay for screenshot software!

Style credits:

pose: Back At One pose Variposa
hair: EXILE AJ Pecan from dark brown pack, EXILE inworld
eyes: IKON Perspective eyes Evening  IKON inworld
shirt: FashionNatic Vidor S shirt           New! SLURL
pants: FashionNatic Vidor S pants        New!
shoes: FashionNatic Vidor shoes          New!
hands: SLink AvEnhance Hands Male Relax SLink inworld

Take care!

Victoria Lenoirre

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Call Me!

Hi everyone!

I've got done re-branding an old pose.

Years ago it was Alluring Gaze pose, now it's Call Me Beautiful pose. It's a lovely, stylish pose but it seemed like I didn't capture it well in photos. Since then, my photography skills have improved and I've realized that with a good angle and by following composition rules, a pose can look amazing on an avatar.

Pose presentation is an art and a difficult skill to learn. I'm happy to say that the past 4 weeks of taking classes at Visionaire Institute have made a big difference in how I view my photography and how I view everything in SL and in the world outside my home.

This is a soft pose, great for closeups. Are you drawn to the eyes? I hope so. The hair and the arm frame her face nicely.

I did edit the arm a bit. Poses can look strange on avatars, especially on the arms. I also added in shadows by stroking with black along the edges and then using gaussian blur. It just adds some contrast and pop to the figure.

The name for this pose is from a 2011 song by Megan Nicole. She started her career on Youtube singing covers for famous Pop songs. Her song B-E-A-UTIFUL was one of her first original songs. I love finding talent from Youtube channels, some are even more talented than the celebrities that were discovered by talent scouts or producers.

The music video is awesome. My hat off to whoever filmed the video. Nowadays, Megan is doing very well for herself. I'm really happy for her. It is so encouraging to see someone work hard and reach their goals in life.

Styling Credits:
pose:  V-posa Call Me Beautiful pose available here
dress: *Preptopia* Spring Fling in grey @ Preptopia
body: Maitreya Lara V3.0
hair: /Wasabi Pills Lindsey from Uber
skin: PumeC ELENA in Summer tone from PumeC Mainstore
eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes Coffee
necklace: Arabella Wild pearls by Maxi Gossamer @ Black Fair
earrings:  Arabella Wild pearls by Maxi Gossamer @ Black Fair

Thanks for viewing!

Victoria Lenoirre
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tchelo's & Glamistry


I wanted to blog an item I just got. It's a lingerie set from Tchelo's. It's called Maillot. I just started blogging for them. I met the owner through FFL 2015. It is a great event in SL.

I have been blogging a lot more lately. I also now blog for alaska metro <3, she is a sweetheart.

I'm at the new city at Aftermath. I'm standing outside my new store, still a bit of a mess. I hope to be finished with moving in a few weeks.

I am wearing a new skin. It's from Deeses skins by Natalie Wells. This is Jouryonce in the milky coffee tone. The detail is wonderful and luminous. The inworld store is closed for now due to renovating and updating. When she opens again, she will have appliers for Maitreya and other mesh bodies! Yay! I wear Maitreya Lara so I had to blend in the skin in Photoshop, just painting over with around 66% opacity and then I clone the texture. I cannot wait to get my hands on the appliers!

I'm wearing the latest Maitreya, 3.0. It has some added features like extra applier slots. I also noticed that the cuts on the body are even smaller meaning there are more, like around the cleavage area. This is fabulous! I have not tried wearing some more revealing tops yet. Plus, the HUD minimizes to be smaller so it takes up a lot less space on your screen and it minimizes in a vertical position.

I love these shoes too from Glamistry. They are in the blue tone. The shoe HUD is easy to use and you can change strap, heel, and metal color.

lingerie: Tchelo's Maillot Sexy for Life in gold
hair: TRUTH Effie in dark brown
skin: Deeses skins Jouryonce Limited edition - available on MP, inworld store is closed for renovations until later this month
shoes: Glamistry Angelica
feet: Slink high
hands: Slink casual
body: Maitreya Lara V 3.0

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New pose for both males and females!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are well.

I have finally found time to finish a pose. This one is unisex, both male and female avatars can use it. I made it in honor of the late Leonard Nimoy who is famous for being Spock in Star Trek. I hope he is resting in peace now.

Many of you probably recognize the "Live long and prosper" hand sign that he would do. I admire how logical he was. I actually took a Logic class during my university time. I recommend learning formal and informal logic.

As the texture says, this pose works with the Slink Prosper hand. I wear Slink all the time now. I did edit the lines of the body, but not as fully as I would if this were a professional portrait. 

The shirt might look funny. It is non-mesh. For 49L, it looks decent and the closest I could find to a Star Trek uniform.

Styling credits:
eyes: IKON Perspective eyes Evening
hair: EXILE Jackson dark browns
hand: right hand is the Slink Prosper hand, left hand is Slink casual
shirt: TOS Spock Scanning by Tiny Etzel

See it here on MP.

Enjoy and have fun!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Olivia Pope look...It's Handled.

Hi lovelies,

I haven't forgotten about you guys. I am working on some new poses.

Currently, I am working on an Olivia Pope look. She is the main protagonist from the hit series, Scandal. Her trademark phrase is "It's handled" and "We are gladiators."

The skin is from Skin Fair. It is Nadine V2 by Deese's skins. The shape is created by me. The face is not exact but pretty close. I captured the sadness in Olivia. She pretends to be all tough and strong but she is not.

Styling credits:

Skin: Nadine V2 by Deese's skins - Natalie Wells
hair: .Olive Steffi @ Uber
blouse: Rowne Anka silk blouse in white:
pants: ~Sassy!~ Chelsea pants black - Ivy Burner
hands: Slink casual hands
pose: Diesel Works from the Vitaly set (male poses)

That's it for now.

Have a great weekend!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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