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Happy New Year! Two new releases!

Hi lovelies!

Happy New Year and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! I wish you all a joyous, most productive 2012!

After the holidays, I got busy and created two new poses! Pics are below.

One is the Propped sit pose, a gentle and relaxing pose for any mood and looks great anywhere. In the pic, I'm sitting on a garden bench. I think it's cozy.

The second one is called Crouching Tiger pose! I love this one. It was inspired by my fiancee Rueben. He called me a tigress one night and the idea slowly materialized. I went to a jungle sim and took lots of pictures. I give you the resulting pic below.

As a bonus, I've included the Style card which includes the hair, makeup, and stripes that made my pic so distinctive.

Go here to view it at my store:

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