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Disturbia For Two released!

Hi everyone, are you ready for Halloween? I'm not but I'm preparing for it. No wonder on what I'll be for Halloween in SL. I will post a pic or two when I do know. Thanks for those who follow me on flickr, really appreciate it and I love following others on flickr.

So my latest is another Halloween pose only it's for 2 avatars! I missed doing couple poses. It's always a challenge but when I get it about right, it's so very rewarding. I hope you like it!

I wanted to add to my Disturbia collection. So far there is Disturbia, Disturbia 2, and now this is 3! Can I get in a 4? Let's see...

If you notice, the female avatar is wearing the exact same thing as in the other releases.

The new element is Julio. He has made his comeback, complete with a few upgrades. I decided to give him an edgy look. The red eye makeup really grabs the attention and brings the focus onto his handsome face.

skin: Clef de Peau Martin T5 by Marcopol Oh (brilliantly done!)
hair: Dura…

Disturbia 2 pose is out!

Hi lovelies!

I'm back with a new pose. It was created last month but I hadn't gotten around to taking a photo and packaging it for sale. Real life makes everyone busy, you know?

Disturbia 2 is also inspired by Rihanna's Disturbia song. I remember hearing it every day at the gym when I would walk in to start my workout. It has a great beat to get the heart pumping and it got me going even on a groggy morning.

This pose signified disturbia to me because it shows a person feeling confused and disturbed in their mind. The hand over the forehead suggests distress and pain. If you want to cover the hand with hair, I recommend you try a voluminous hair like TRUTH Vixen or Lelutka Blythe. I liked this hair and it just felt right to use it again. It is the same hair I used in my first Disturbia pose.

I shot this pose at H220, a sim created by Miuccia Klaar and Squonk Levenque. It will be gone by October 31st, sad news. I think it's the best rain sim I've ever been to in SL.…