Thursday, October 16, 2014

Disturbia For Two released!

Hi everyone, are you ready for Halloween? I'm not but I'm preparing for it. No wonder on what I'll be for Halloween in SL. I will post a pic or two when I do know. Thanks for those who follow me on flickr, really appreciate it and I love following others on flickr.

So my latest is another Halloween pose only it's for 2 avatars! I missed doing couple poses. It's always a challenge but when I get it about right, it's so very rewarding. I hope you like it!

I wanted to add to my Disturbia collection. So far there is Disturbia, Disturbia 2, and now this is 3! Can I get in a 4? Let's see...

If you notice, the female avatar is wearing the exact same thing as in the other releases.

The new element is Julio. He has made his comeback, complete with a few upgrades. I decided to give him an edgy look. The red eye makeup really grabs the attention and brings the focus onto his handsome face.

skin: Clef de Peau Martin T5 by Marcopol Oh (brilliantly done!)
hair: Dura boy 50 in black
shirt/pants: Alejandro Male outfit FashionNatic
shoes: Alejandro Male outfit FashionNatic
eye makeup: Madrid Solo -Male Designs- Urban Legend
mask: Zibska ~Harbinger~ includes shoulder ornament or paudron

My pose can be found on MP.

Have a great weekend and speak soon!

_Victoria Lenoirre

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