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Happy New Year everyone!

Hello there, I hope you all had a wonderful, pleasant holiday. Have a Happy New Year!
It has been a busy, stressful year for me. I hope you have fared better than I. It started off promising but somewhere along the way, I found myself getting sucked into ugly stuff...DRAMA. That stuff can always drag me down. I don't think I look for drama, but I seem to get it. Maybe I'm dumb or just oblivious to  the causes, I don't consider myself to be very clever or bright. 
Anyway, I have grown more appreciative about the word forgiveness. It is so hard to forgive and each time I get angry, I hear a voice telling me to let go and forgive. Being resentful and holding grudges just isn't a healthy way to live. 
In SL, it is so easy to be annoyed and to just unfriend. I have had several friends who have chose to walk away from me. It is a hard blow to the ego or a "kick to the gut", but I have to accept it and move on. I hope that they have forgiven me, but when they never …

Happy Holidays from V. Lenoirre!

Hi lovelies!

Sorry to have been absent. I decided, after discussion with a few good friends of mine, that I would concentrate more on my photography skills. I have been learning more as time goes by. The results are always rewarding in the end. I even started my first photo series, my tough girl series.

I bought poses from several different pose creators. It is fun hunting for the poses I want. There are many fabulous poses out there! I even found some lesser known brands and they are quite good. The prices were good too. :-)

Will I be back? Yes, I will. I just am honing my skills. Also, I am still working on a new logo. It looks so easy, doesn't it? But when I got down to the drafting, I really didn't want to copy or look like I was copying others. I might have a new idea coming out. We will see. It will probably be revealed after the new year!

I leave you with some photos.

To see more you can go to my flickr:

Have a wonderful Ch…