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This Girl is On Fire pose!

Hey friends and followers of this blog,

How are you?

I've finally got around to completing another pose. I made this one and named it after a song I've always liked, This Girl is On Fire by Alicia Keyes. It's passionate and sexy.

The chaise lounge is by Boudoir in white, Precious Restless did such a great job with it. I got it off marketplace. It has a resize script in it and I did a lot of resizing to fit my tall avatar on it. I scaled it down to .830000. Being able to scale a piece of furniture is really handy.

I got the lingerie from the anyBODY event. The event is for those who want appliers for their mesh bodies: The Mesh Project, Wowmeh, Maitreya, Belleza, even Omega appliers. The lingerie I'm wearing is from MAAI and I have on the Omega appliers. It's a great event.

If you wear the Maitreya body like me, you'll need to have the relay HUD on before you wear the Omega appliers. You can get Omega appliers for any body except for TMP and SLink.

Oh and some …