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Pose Fair Exclusive 1....Glory of Love

Hi everyone!

Wonderful news! I got accepted as a merchant at Pose Fair 2014! I can hardly believe it! It's been a tough 2 years for me but it paid off! I'm so grateful for all the support and encouragment I've received for my 3+ years in SL. Thank you from the depth of my heart! Without my friends, I am nothing.

So I'll be working on a few Pose Fair exclusives. They won't be available in my stores until May 3rd.

My first exclusive is called Glory of Love. It is inspired by that song by Peter Cetera, such a beautiful song! And yes, it was featured in Karate Kid II. It is a great song from the late 80s. It was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award in 1986 and a Grammy Award in 1987. It did win an Ascap Award for Most Performed Songs from a Motion Picture and a BMI Film & TV Award for Most Performed Song from a Film.

It's such a passionate song. The lyrics are amazing. The melody is just wonderful, I love the piano parts in it especially. It…

See you be brave and future plans

Hey everyone!

I'm back with a brand new pose, See you be brave. It is inspired by Sara Bareilles's Brave. It's a well written song that she penned and the way she sings it...just sublime. She's a brilliant artist. Her songs are full of heart and true feeling.

It is the kind of song that motivates you to be true and speak out.

I decided to wear this wonderful dress by Just Darling, Rosetta in red. It is mesh and what I like is that I didn't have to wear an alpha, only change my shape, breasts and torso muscles. The other color I liked was the blue, it looked like a midnight blue.

To me, this dress looks like a traditional dress that might be worn in the days when women couldn't vote, couldn't drive wagons (no cars back then), and they were just expected to act like ladies. In public, the men were the only ones who could engage in intelligent conversation while they were expected to have tea with their friends and gossip about everyone. Thankfully times have …

Hold on to me, never ever let me go.......

Hi lovelies!

I just love that song by Michael Buble. He has to be one of my favorite singers of all time. He has a great personality too. You can just feel it just bubble off the screen and into your hearts...see what I did there? Haha. But those of you who are fans know what I mean. He's a funny guy and he likes to joke around with friends and fellow singers.

My latest couple pose is Hold on to me. Originally it was called Held captivated, but in keeping with the theme of naming poses after songs, I changed it pre-production of course.

The story goes that a raven-haired beauty found herself in the arms of a dashing highlander, held captive by his gaze and the heat of his body. From the moment they met, she just knew she wanted him to always hold on to her and never let her go.

This one was a challenging pose to create. The elbow had to rest on the chest. She is leaning in to him though reluctantly and her arm covers her breasts. I found it looked better with Lolas.

I really loved …

Like a skyscraper and being strong

Hi everyone!

I've been listening to youtube a lot lately. I have loved the site for years. It keeps me going and it keeps me smiling and swaying to the beats. There's this song I keep listening to it's called "Like a skyscraper" sung by Demi Lovato. The song was released several years back. I know it's about how hurt Demi felt about the bullying she received. I too can relate to that. People can be so cruel how they jeer and degrade others with their words and shoddy treatment. The thing to remember is that they can say and do whatever they want to us, but that doesn't change who we are. We still have our sense of worth and our self respect.

Skies are crying, I am watching 
Catching teardrops in my hand 
Only silence, as it's ending, like we never had a chance. 
Do you have to make me feel like, there's nothing left of me? 

You can take everything I have 
You can break everything I am 
Like I'm made of glass 
Like I'm made of paper 
Go on and try t…

All the same to me and ::Just Darling::

Hi lovelies!

It's me again! I'm amazed that I'm back again so soon. All I can really say is that I'm so excited and brimming with excitement! I will tell you why in a minute or so.

I have created yet another single pose this week. This one is more elegant, refined even dainty. I named it All the same to me.

A woman is wearing a beautiful, elegant gown and she is alone in public. Maybe she doesn't care that she's a party of one. She can handle it, she's been alone all her life. Despite her hauteur, she desires company. By her gaze and how she moves, she seems to beckon a willing man to be by her side if only for a moment. The way she stands is just so sensual and appealing. She understands her effect on others.

And here is my pose in all its glory:

I have it here.

All the same to me is inspired by a song sung by Anya Marina.

All right, now on to my bit of news. In my latest post for Let it go, I posed in Fairytale Gown by ::Just Darling::, if you remember. W…

Let it go...keep moving forward in your life

Hi lovelies!
I hope you all are doing quite well. This week has been very busy and a bit chaotic. I meant to release a new pose set sooner. Well, life happens.
Well, I decided to release a single pose for now. I have a couple's set in the queue that I still need to test before uploading and packaging. 
This new pose, my first new single's pose of 2014, is about letting go of the negativity and pessism in one's life.
She is in the rain and just letting the rain flow over her as she feels her frustration flow out of her. She might be meditating or just taking a breath from her busy life.

 I know how hard that is. Sometimes it seems like everywhere I turn is darkness and brick walls and cold stone. And I know how much depression hurts not only oneself but others. But there is always hope and recovery. We can choose to start over and begin anew. Life is about being giving chances over and over again and about taking risks and as well as we possibly can!
I urge y…

So Tempted...aren't you tempted to dive into love?

Hi everyone!

As you can tell, my latest set is about temptation. And it concerns how we feel tempted in love. Should we let him/her into our lives and into our hearts? Or should we play it safe and keep him/her at a distance, as just a friend? This will always be a dilemma for us throughout our lives. Love and intimacy are what we all desire, right? But who do we trust and how can we trust? It sucks when someone betrays you and hurts you deeply. Or perhaps you have been hurt so many times in the past.

Some of you may be thinking that this sounds like it's from a mushy romance book and you might be right...but it is also a very true life story and fact too. Most people are terrified about taking a leap of faith and loving someone. It is a huge risk. I myself prefer to know someone for many months or a year before taking it to that romantic level. If we never take a chance, what will we gain though?

Be spontaneous, take a risk with your heart sometime! Just be sure to be safe and ta…

Into the New Year...Tonight's the night

Hello everyone! I am back as I promised with a new pose set. Couple poses are still very much a challenge for me. Challenging oneself is enables us to grow and improve on our weaknesses.

My latest is a romantic couple's pose. In part, it was inspired by a song by John Legend, Tonight (best you ever had). There is just something so sexy and romantic about it. I think the first time I heard the song was in that movie Think Like a Man, based on the book by Steve Harvey called Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady. I recommend that you read the book before watching the movie. Also, there will be a sequel this year. Steve Harvey is a funny guy who really knows how to get people to listen to his advice. The guy is fantastic. He has a show called The Steve Harvey Show.

Anyway, sorry for going off on that tangent. My pose set is about a man and a woman who are very much in love. The man realizes that tonight is when he wants to show his woman how special she is to him. The woman is …