Tuesday, January 28, 2014

See you be brave and future plans

Hey everyone!

I'm back with a brand new pose, See you be brave. It is inspired by Sara Bareilles's Brave. It's a well written song that she penned and the way she sings it...just sublime. She's a brilliant artist. Her songs are full of heart and true feeling.

It is the kind of song that motivates you to be true and speak out.

I decided to wear this wonderful dress by Just Darling, Rosetta in red. It is mesh and what I like is that I didn't have to wear an alpha, only change my shape, breasts and torso muscles. The other color I liked was the blue, it looked like a midnight blue.

To me, this dress looks like a traditional dress that might be worn in the days when women couldn't vote, couldn't drive wagons (no cars back then), and they were just expected to act like ladies. In public, the men were the only ones who could engage in intelligent conversation while they were expected to have tea with their friends and gossip about everyone. Thankfully times have changed and we have come so far in terms of women's rights and women's social standing in the world, in most countries.

I am not a complete feminist, but I support a women's right to be heard....her right to choose how she wants to live. Women should be strong and brave in this modern world where women can live alone and do not have to marry to survive. I admire strong women who speak their mind and write from the heart and soul. This is the age where we can be brave and "let the words fall out."

The dress I am wearing, it's just beautiful. The top part is a corset and the bottom looks like silk brocade. The texture on the bottom is really clear and smooth. Red is a color that symbolizes passion, boldness, courage and other strong traits. I wanted to portray many of those traits in the pose and photo.

What Vic is wearing:
hair: EXILE Dream of Paradise Dark reds
dress: ::Just Darling:: Rosetta Gown Red
hands: mesh SLink relaxed hands

You can find my pose here.

Here is the song:

One of my future plans is getting ready for Pose Fair 2014! I'm very excited this year!

Also, I have decided to set up a small studio for my personal use. I might invite friends over or invite students. I have started to teach photography skills in SL. My focus is on the method and art of it, not the viewer controls. I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. I look forward to preparing the slides and presenting it to others. I have met some great people too! I could get used to it, I feel great!

Have fun and enjoy the art!


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