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My first set of products

These are pics of what I have so far. You can get them at my Verona beach store for 5L. The sofabed is 7L.

Lying Down Cradle


Star gazing


This is 7L because there is an extra pose, one that I didn't create but I thought it would be fun to include. Come try it and see what it is!

Purple Marble Table

Welcome to Lady Victoria's blog!

Hi Lovelies!

My name is Victoria Lenoirre, I own Miss Vic's Store and the group is Miss Vic's Store Group. That group can be found in search or from my groups if you click on my profile inworld. I am also working on some a VLC signboard and some directional signs that say "New", "Free", "Animations", etc.

I have 3 poses gazing, sofapose1, lyingonsidecradle. All 3 are at my shop in Verona Beach.

I am working on animations and more poses. Plus, I finally figured out how to make sculpties with Precision Sculptor. I like to work with programs offworld.

And one last thing, I plan to set up a store at marketplace. I'll post the link as soon as I can! :-)

I will post some pics later.

I hope you are all well!

Take care,