Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome to Lady Victoria's blog!

Hi Lovelies!

My name is Victoria Lenoirre, I own Miss Vic's Store and the group is Miss Vic's Store Group. That group can be found in search or from my groups if you click on my profile inworld. I am also working on some a VLC signboard and some directional signs that say "New", "Free", "Animations", etc.

I have 3 poses gazing, sofapose1, lyingonsidecradle. All 3 are at my shop in Verona Beach.

I am working on animations and more poses. Plus, I finally figured out how to make sculpties with Precision Sculptor. I like to work with programs offworld.

And one last thing, I plan to set up a store at marketplace. I'll post the link as soon as I can! :-)

I will post some pics later.

I hope you are all well!

Take care,


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