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Don't you worry 'bout a thing...

Summer is such a wonderful season. You can relax in the sun, dance in the sun and go to the beach. It can be a carefree time and you can feel like there is nothing that can ruin your mood.

Relax to a relaxed beat like Don't you worry 'bout a thing, the Stevie Wonder 1973 version. I also like the Tito Puente version.

For this blog post, I am showing you SlackGirl's SpringShadow in a pastel green. It will be available for the FAD July round coming soon. It has a fresh, shimmery and light feel to it.

Coupled with the Coquet. Ruby outfit in turf along with the sandals and it just fits to create a fun, summer look. The outfit and hair are from the June round of FaMESHed. I love that event. Oh and the matching eyes was unintentional. Eyes are from IKON.

The sandals by Essenz are called Barbados and I just adore them. Strands of pearls adorn your ankle and the soles are thin and is the next best thing to being barefoot.

And this time, I went with a pose brand that …

Afternoon seduction in SL, the elegant way...

Hey there!

I want to show you a brand new eye shadow from SlackGirl. It is called Paris Dream Shadows - Famous Station. It comes in eight smoldering, sultry colors. I chose to wear it in blue.

As you can see, it matches beautifully with the WAYNE Venus dress that I am wearing. WAYNE is created and owned by ChadWayne. He is a talented photographer. Perhaps you have seen his portraits. The quality is stunning.

I paired the dress with Chop Zuey's Sea Mist set, a release from last summer. This is my first time showing them off. I do not usually wear jewelry because I am not that good at matching accessories. It definitely takes practice.

For this photo series, the setting is in the afternoon. I am in a building at Basilique, owned by Canary Beck. It is such a lovely sim.

The seduction part, that is because the pose is called seduction. The pose is one of my latest creations. I wanted to seduce my viewers with this pose. I studied photos and arm positions for awhile and I noticed a fe…

A bird without feathers...

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer and that you weren't too broken up about the season finale of Game of Thrones. I have heard that many were shocked and upset about what happened to the characters. I won't include any spoilers to those who haven't seen it yet. Hopefully next season will make up for it?

The title of this post is a song on the Game of Thrones soundtrack. A bird without feathers is a composition by

So on to my blogging feature, I give you a new outfit and makeup set by SlackGirl. I'm wearing the Phoenix Outfit and the Dragon eyeshadow for The Instruments June round. The event opens on June 20th. All photos were taken at Cerridwen's Cauldron mainstore. The detail on the builds and the light effects is fantastic! I love the stone textures. If I owned a sim, I'd set up some of these  builds and go wild with decorating. Check this place out!

The entire outfit is just stunning! You must wear the dress, headdress, shoes and makeup…

You don't have to try so hard...

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you all well.

The title of this post is from the song by Colbie Caillat, Try. It's a song about accepting yourself for how you are and how you look. Most people today are not happy about at least one thing about themselves whether it's how their nose looks, how their voice sounds, their height or any other thing that people can complain about. We all know by now what the airbrushed male and female looks like and what people think is "hot" or "gorgeous."

I have been struggling with my feelings about myself too. Each day though, I try to tell myself at least one thing I like about myself. So if I stare in the mirror it's not because I love my reflection, it's because I'm looking at a positive part of myself. It could be my eye color, hair color or if I'm daydreaming, I think about a nice day outside. We can each take small steps and brief moments to tell ourselves how beautiful we are.

It may be strange t…

That's Amore!

I just love the Italian sims in SL. The first Italian sim I ever went to was called Manatova. I loved the hot air balloon ride. Well actually, I love any sim with hot air balloon rides including the original Africa sim which vanished several years back. I wish it was still around so I could take pictures and walk around. Manatova vanished several years ago too.

I wanted to visit a favorite Italian sim, City of Venice-Venezia Italy.

I'm on the bridge. It's a favorite spot that I've stood at years ago. Being there brings back memories, happy ones.

One of my earliest memories was that when I was here, I met a charming man. He was interesting and he made me feel like a princess. It was a nice romance complete with tender gestures and sweet nothings. Though I knew it wouldn't last, it was nice to just let the feelings flow like water brushing over the skin and overwhelming the senses. Everyone should experience at least one summer romance no matter how fleeting.

This is on…

A new day has come...

Hey, today is my birthday! I feel fortunate to be alive and well. I am happy that my family is supportive of what I do and I know that I am loved. I am grateful for the friends who are there for me and for the joy they bring into my life. Life is rough and has been hard but I know that I am not alone. If I just focus on the bright points, then it will not seem that bad. Music and art can get me through the tough times. Life is dark but as we all know, the dark cannot exist without light.

This year has brought changes to my life. I am back at school for Accounting and as you can see, I'm blogging more. I really want to prove to myself that I can be more dedicated to blogging and photography. Self expression is so important to me. Every thing I write here feels fresh and it is as though a new day has come. And yes, I love that Celine Dion song. I grew up listening to a lot of her powerful ballads. She is just amazing and she rose to the top and became a hit and also helped to suppo…

Baby, I'm a fool to think...

We all feel like fools sometime. I think my avatar looks sad in the photos. I came across the song Baby I'm a Fool as I was on Youtube looking for a song I've never heard before. It's a lovely, tender and sad song of the jazzy variety. It's from 2009. 
Makeup is from SlackGirl. The eyeshadow is Aura for Lelutka heads. I'm wearing Stella. You can see her photo here. I'm wearing it in silver. There are 8 colors in total.
Lipstick applier is also from SlackGirl, it's her 1930Ravelips which I posted about last time.

Photos were taken at the sim where you can find Senzafine and The Muses. If you like woods and trees, you'll love it here. It is so open and calm. You may even hear cows mooing.

eye makeup: SlackGirl Aura Lelutka appliers
lip makeup: SlackGirl 1930RaveLip applier 1
outfit: SlackGirl Gabriella Spring from Fashion Expose event
hair: Truth Vixen dark browns pack
eyes: IKON Sovereign eyes Coffee

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I can go the distance...

Hi there,

Blogging or just writing for me is a struggle and a journey. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. I want to thank everyone who has accompanied me on my travels in SL. It may have been painful to see. I know I'm not the best photographer and I don't blog often enough. Now, I will try and be a more dedicated artist. I can go the distance.

L love SL makeup. It's so easy to put on! So for this blog post, I'm wearing SlackGirl FlowerMakeup and Mayra in Summer available at the Marvelous Monthly event. Mayra is a stylish dress that comes in 5 colors: Summer, Autumn, Spring, Bright, and Winter. Marvelous Monthly opens on June 4th 12pm SLT until June 30th 3pm SLT; this is the second round.

The FlowerMakeup is on a tatoo layer for the default avatar head. The good thing about this is that you don't have to be wearing appliers with a head and/or a neck tattoo so no one will see the seam between the head and the neck.

The hair is a sculpted hair from Lelutka, Belle. It&#…