Saturday, March 31, 2012

Long time no updates...sorry!

Hi lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of updates. RL and SL activities have been keeping me quite busy. I have been focused on custom jobs and writing articles. Custom jobs I finished were 2 poses for holding weapons (a chainsaw gun mockup and a bazooka mockup). The chainsaw one really challenged me, but it was finished last week or the week before. Also, I am working on finishing a little kid animation set for a little jeep. I am on the last kid animation. Hope I finish in a few days!

This week, one of my main groups celebrated it's 100th week of operation! It's the Monday Mania Group! I was giving out my Zombie Stand. This was my first animation that I ever made. It's not perfect, but it was very exciting and new for me. I mean, I still find animating's such a challenge and I do different types of projects. I push myself to improve my technique. But the thrill of trying something for the first's just so special.

It's also up at marketplace for 0L for now. Yes, it's sold by Direct Delivery. It took me a few days and some tips to figure out how to do that. And I am still working on uploading more items to be sold by Direct Delivery. So marketplace will be a bit slow due to merchants loading up into the Direct Delivery system. With the new system, you don't need a magic box on your land. It's all web based. The server will send the item to the buyer. In order for this to be possible, every viewer compatible with Direct Delivery has a merchant outbox. I just dragged sale items into the merchant outbox, then I pressed "send to marketplace." It sounds a bit easier than how it is. Also, you have to remember to delete your magic box from your marketplace dashboard, deleting the box inworld is not enough. A helpful link is here.

Regarding writing, I finished an article about the top 10 blogs in SL for LEVITY magazine. I love writing for LEVITY. My editor is cool and I never feel intimidated or inferior. The latest issue is here. Blogs featured are BOSL blog, UWA blog, Phoenix Viewer blog, and 7 others! Have a read and I hope you enjoy it! Join the LEVITY readers group and if you want, subscribe to LEVITY at :-)

Because of that article, I landed a job at BOSL magazine. I blog about art for UWA in SL. So at first I was going to do a blog article for them about an artist. But, Frolic Mills decided to have the  March issue be about art. So, I wrote an article about a fabulous Italian artist in the latest issue of BOSL. Any day now the issue will be released. I can't wait! Even I don't know who are all the artists featured in the issue! One thing I do know is that it will surely be good!

Also, I am currently writing an article for LEVITY about the Military Expo at the WW2 Memorial Park sim. It's the first time that the SL Flying Tigers have ever hosted their own military expo. Very exciting! It ended yesterday. I am nearly done writing it. It was a big project. I had a lot of fun visiting, chatting with some of the officers in charge, and of course....flying in the airplanes!

Yesterday, I joined Virtual Music Magazine, headed by Jay Hurikan. I worked for him briefly at Cisum Webzine. I got my first assignment to interview a singer, so we'll see how that goes.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Latest today...The Siren Pose!

Hi lovelies!

I just finished my newest pose today, it's called The Siren Pose. It is inspired by Eva Longoria. I was doing an image search and I thought I'd type in her name and see what I'd find. And I found this sexy photo of her. It really took a lot of time to make, but I kept at it. I spent hours on it. And I'm very pleased with the results.

It is the same outfit from Seductive Woman. I couldn't think of what else to wear. Other than that, the skin, shape, hair, and bangles are different. And the pose too, of course. I really like how this turned out. This is one of the most realistic looking poses I've ever made.

I hope you'll stop by my shop and try it out. Go here to see it:

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