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NSFW: Newness...50 Shades Tenderness

Hey everyone!

With the success of 50 Shades of Grey Haunted, I decided to make another one in the series. I had no idea that my first 50 shades pose would get the attention it got. While I'm not making "killer sales", it's more than I've ever gotten. I get a few sales each week now. It's pretty encouraging for me. I may have more ideas.

I call it 50 Shades Tenderness. It's about the more tender side of Ana and Christian's relationship.

Anyone will like it. Who doesn't love when the man stares hotly into a woman's eyes and the woman gazes back into his searing gaze? This is a sensual pose for lovers who are held captivated by one another, not just a BDSM type pose. See how he holds her hip and another hand brushes her cheek? I think it's so beautiful and tender. It's like they're lost in a world where they're the only 2 people existing.

I have not had the chance to go out and see the movie. I've been hearing mixed reviews. …