Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's going on with Lady V?

Hi lovelies!

So sorry for not updating for awhile. I have been busy with animations, custom animations.

The halloween sim is finished. It looks great. I have a vendor set up there. The LM is Once you arrive, go to the red tp pad looks like a red paw print, click to sit, and click on Town Corner. From there, go to the Hardware Store and you'll find my vendor in there, right next to Dandara Swords's vendor. She sells Harry Potter stuff. Very cool! I like Harry Potter, what about you? I have seen the second to last movie. Has the last last movie been released yet? I don't always keep track of what movie comes out in theaters or on DVD, you know?

I hope to release a pose soon. Yes, I miss releasing poses. And I like choosing the outfit and background texture for the product picture. I have not forgotten. Poses are how I got started! :-)

Until soon.


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