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Sexy action pose this week!

Hey people!

I finally finished my newest single pose. It's called Stormy Weather pose. It is my first action pose. This pose is inspired by all those sexy heroines who know how to kick butt and fly! They rock!

Editing was difficult. Maybe I'll redo it sometime. But for now, it's good enough. Her entire outfit is silver, but I really wanted the light above her to be shine on her clothes so her top and pants look a bit greenish. For this photo, I combined two photos: a photo of my avatar and the background with the lightning and the lake. Making it look seamless was my challenge. I'm not sure I got it right but I think it looks okay.

The hair is from EMO-TIONS. You got to love the windblown hairs Mirja Mills created. I think I have them all.

You can find my sexy action pose here on MP.

Thanks to all who follow me and encourage me. You inspire me to keep doing what I do and I love what I do. Thank you from the depths of my soul.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

Victoria Lenoir…

Chivalry and tenderness...what a lady deserves

Hey lovelies!

I'm back as promised and with a new pose or poses I should say. I had been planning on just one but then I went to the Glitterati inworld closing sale and I got inspired...after seeing Katey's awesome and really cute and hot couple poses. I forget which one inspired me but I think they all did. So I give you my latest and second couple pose set ever from me!

I really struggled with taking pics. My computer crashed! But I did manage to get two photo shoots in. The top is from my second photo shoot. The bottom one is from the first photo shoot.

I love the days when there were knights who had lived by a code of conduct. One of the rules included being kind to the ladies and protecting their honor. I see this pose as being reminiscent of that time period. The man holds the woman gently in his arms, his knees are bent and one knee sinks into the ground. She has fallen down perhaps or fallen asleep and he will set her down gently on the soft earth or on a divan. She is…

Hermosa from Vivid and N-core

Hey all!

I got a new outfit I wanted to show you. It's .::Vivid::. Hermosa, the animal prints version. I'm wearing the snakeskin version. This dress is mesh and it has a black collar cuff. It also comes in a dark pack and a pastel pack, both are sold separately. You can find them all at the Pure Sales Room Event. I love using the HUD. It is quick and simple to use. There are six or so textures in each HUD. Have fun trying them all!

The shoes are the old N-core sculpted shoes. They will always look great, in my opinion. I had no trouble adjustng skin tone and matching it with windlights. It takes practice and patience, which I do have by now. N-core shoes are among the best shoes in SL!

EXILE is a great hair brand. Kavar Cleanslate is so talented and hard working. Check out his 3 new releases this month. He has a hair at the gacha sale and other sales this month. He has been really busy! Love his work!

Eyes, are one of my favorite items. Poetic Colors is my favorite brand so fa…

My first sweater outfit of the season

Hi all!

I'm still busy with the pose work. But not to keep you in suspense about what I'm up to, I thought I'd do a fashion blog post. I've thought about doing fashion blogging for awhile. It can be fun. Well, here goes.

Since  the summer I have been going to fashion sales events. It is soooo addicting and the prices are pretty good! (That is not good for the credit card though haha). The cardigan and pants are a set that I bought at the Pure Sales Room event. I heard about it from a notice in the WoW Skins group. WoW has a great skin for 79L Clara in the milk tone. The Slink appliers and Tango appliers are not included in the 79L deal. It's such a gorgeous skin! I like tan skins so I'll probably buy the tan version at the WoW main store.

The hair is a regularly priced hair from Boon. Boon is great if you're looking for messy updos. I have a ton of updos in inventory from several brands.

Here's what I'm wearing if you want specifics:

cardigan: ::JK …

Coming on back....

Hey all!

I am getting back to blogging. I have really missed it. Sometimes we just need to take a breather and get some perspective on life and that's what I did.

Resting is not always a bad thing. I did not want to but I realized I needed a break. Summer has been busy for me in RL so I wasn't twiddling my thumbs when I wasn't in SL.

As always, I have been taking photos. It's relaxing and fun, as long as the viewer doesn't crash because of my graphic settings. LOL.

Here is my latest photo that I am very proud of.

I call it "It's a new dawn, it's a new life...for me", inspired by the lyrics of that Nina Simone song, Feeling Good. The Michael Buble version is really good too.

As the title notes, I am getting back to work. I have some poses I'm working on. I cannot wait to release those. Sooo excited!

Until soon!

Victoria Lenoirre

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