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Taking time off....

Hi lovelies!

I have decided to take time off from creating poses. I will take more photos and edit them slowly. There is so much to learn and I need to improve a lot. The good news is, I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be inworld. I've decided to blog more, get into the habit.

This latest picture is off a fabulous gazebo set from Atelier Visconti. Etienne is just airy and cozy. You can change the textures of the pillows and cushions on both the armchair and the sofa. There are separate huds for each piece. Included in the package are the gazebo, one sofa, one arm chair, one side table, one coffee table, and two lanterns (one is lit and one is off).

Photo was taken on my 3rd rezz day. The hair is Willow from Alice Project, the create your own color pack. Those huds are fabulous and easy to use. The top is from Sassy, it's a cute mesh halter top in sky blue. The skirt is mesh from Fanatik.

Have fun and enjoy life!

Victoria Lenoirre

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