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What now?

Hey everyone!

I am back for a bit with a new pose. I call it What Now. The inspiration is Rihanna's What now song.

What now is about frustration and wanting to scream. Do you ever feel like that? This song really made me feel sad about the loves I lost or didn't pursue in the past. People can disappoint you just when you think you have them figured out sometimes. In time, you hope you understand and things work out in your favor.

Styling for this was fun. The hair is from Hair Fair 2014. I didn't visit as many times as I wanted but I did find this nice style. I kept the notecard of stores who participated so I will check them as time allows.

For this shoot I actually wore jewelry and nails. It's a big deal for me. I usually focus on hair and the outfit. The nails are for regular hands so you don't need to wear Slink hands. They're from MANDALA. Bangles and necklace are from Maxi Gossamer. The bangles are 2 different sets.

The sandals are made to be worn with SL…

Happy 4th!

I hope you all had a great holiday, those in the US. Have a great weekend everyone!

I needed a break from creating. Soon I will be back with more poses.

Here's a photo I finished yesterday.

For days I've been practicing my photo editing skills. Progress is slow but it's different than from what I did before. Can you see how the skin looks smoother?

Desk chair is from epia. Eyes are Madrid Solo. Hair is DeLa Mia.

Happy 4th! :)


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