Monday, July 27, 2015

New release pose for July 2015!

Hi everyone!

I am finally back with a new release. It is You Sexy Thing pose. If you can view restricted items on flickr, you will see a nude version of a photo where I use this pose. Judging from the reactions I got, I'd say this is a pretty sexy pose.  I decided to put on at least a bikini for this shot.

And I have a surprise for you all! You are not going to believe it!

First off, I got a new mainstore location. I did not think I would but a very good friend of mine found a sweet location. The sim owner is a kind lady who makes clothing for men and women, Jiejie Emerald. She is also looking for renters. She also owns a club on the sim. I am still setting up my store. I am in the process of reorganizing my vendors and loading the pose stands. But if you would like to take a look:

The real surprise is that I am restructuring Variposa a bit.

I will not only sell mod, copy and no trans poses but I am planning to sell full perm versions. I will mark the permissions on all vendor images from now on. I am going to be working on full perm packs. There will also be MM boards, Lucky chairs, and gacha machines. It will take me time to put it all together, but I will get there.

Also, I applied and got accepted into the Photographer's Hunt. That will run in the month of October. I am very excited about that!

eyes: IKON Sovereign Silverleaf IKON
hair: Truth Cynthia (old  hair)
bikini: HUCCI Mermaid Holiday bikini July collabor88
body: Maitreya Lara body V3.4  Maitreya 
shoes: Essenz Phoenix, Essenz Footwear
sofa: Boudoir Chaise Lounge white on MP

My pose is available at MP. It is rated moderate.

Smile and enjoy the adventure that is life...

Victoria Lenoirre

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Monday, July 20, 2015

It's Too Darn Hot...

Do you like it when it's hot out? Or do you like it when it's breezy and cool?

I like a bit of both. I love variety, which incidentally is where the name Variposa derived from.

This time, I chose a different location. Maybe you were bored of seeing Black Basalt Beach each time?

I remembered a gorgeous sim with beautiful warm colors. It is called Just Another Tequilla Sunrise. It is the ultimate place to go for a fall or summer scene, spring even. If you have never been, you should visit. You will love it! Arol Lightfoot has done such an amazing job with the landscaping!

For this post I am wear eye color and lip color from SlackGirl. Lips are Ronda Coll for the Ross event. Eye color is Naja for FABULOUS! Monthly themes.

Incidentally, "Too darn hot" is a song from the musical, Kiss Me, Kate. I love musicals. They are so fun to see and sing along to. I have never seen Kiss Me, Kate but I hope to see it someday soon. It is a song by Cole Porter. His songs are truly amazing. You can just feel the joy and excitement in them.

I will include the musical number for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the summer and all its goodness, everyone. Summer comes but once a year.


Eyeshadow: SlackGirl Naja for FABULOUS! Monthly themes
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Silverleaf by IKON
Lipstick: Ronda Coll for Ross Event
hair: Exile Siren's Call in Sable from dark brown pack @ Hair Fair 2015
dress [fd] Dorothy dress in Aqua by Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88
shoes: Essenz Phoenix by Essenz Footwear

pose: Sari-sari courtesan05 by Sari-Sari

Location: Just Another Tequilla Sunrise by Arol Lightfoot

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Store news...Variposa is not inworld for now.

Hi lovelies,

Sorry to say this but I have decided that it's not fair to you or me to keep an inworld store when I don't have much time or energy to maintain it. Also, I feel like it was a bit too cramped and too uniform like the other stores.

I liked the sim it was on but it did not allow for my brand's individuality. I wasn't able to have the sort of build that my store truly needed.

So, I will be on marketplace until I find a more suitable inworld arrangement for my needs as well as for the optimum shopping experience.

Thank you!


Victoria Lenoirre

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Long Hot Summer

Hey, I hope your summer is fine. Don't you wish for a long, hot summer?

The title of this blog post is a country song by Keith Urban. I am not a big country fan but this tune appealed to me.

Long, hot summers are the best. You can enjoy the sun and warm weather. It is a time for fairs, picnics, boating, vacations and so much more fun!

Speaking of fairs, I hope you find time to check out Hair Fair 2015! It is always one of my favorite events each year. This year is no exception. I will post some of my favorites soon!

Makeup seen here is by SlackGirl, Marika. You can find it at Designer Circle.

Again, I am posing at Black Basalt Beach but at a different location. I walked along the beach until my back was facing the lighthouse. I love the windlight here, the sand, and the waves. That wave behind me looks awesome! I waited for the waves to be at certain positions for my photos, as you can see.

eyeshadow: SlackGirl Marika for Designer Circle 
eyes: IKON Sovereign silverleaf   IKON
hair: Damselfly ~Jessamyn~ from FaMESHed July round  FaMESHed 
outfit: Valentina E. Hedonist TRIO Noir, includes bikini set, wrap, and hat from Summerfest '15
shoes: Essenz Arizona for Slink high feet by  Essenz Footwear
feet: Slink high feet by Slink

pose: Long hot summer by Variposa (not available yet)
Location: Black Basalt Beach

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Swept Away...

I am continuing my summer beach theme here. I decided to return to Black Basalt Beach. I joined the group for 350L and where else can I rez pose balls and furniture? It is such a beautiful locale.

This time I am standing on a ledge near the lighthouse. I like the mist and spray effect that is going on by the rocks. I installed a few water splash brushes in Photoshop to even out the water a bit. I think the brushes will work in Gimp too. Make sure to load the .abr files and unzip the package.

Here is a closeup of the lovely makeup by SlackGirl. It is available at the SWANK event.

The hair is from Exile, from June's collabor88. It is one of my new favorite updos now! I love how a strand of hair slants over the face creating that windswept look.  The bikini is from Summerfest '15. I recommend that you check it out. It has summer outfits as well as some summer furniture. I will be sure to go back soon for some of the furniture. I found a set that I want.

I hope you all have fun and maybe get swept away by love or just the summer fun! Cheers!

eyemakeup: SlackGirl LilShad for SWANK July event
hair: Exile Full of Grace                          Exile mainstore
bikini set: [BOOM] Eunoia Bikini set (ruby) for Summerfest '15 
sandals: Maxi Gossamer Barefoot Sandals-Bali Gypsy Maxi Gossamer
necklace: LaGyo Panarea necklace from June collabor88  LaGyo mainstore
earrings: LaGyo Panarea earrings set GOLD June collabor88
ring: LaGyo Panarea monkey ring GOLD  June collabor88
feet: Slink flat feet                                                    Slink mainstore
hands: Slink elegant hands
body: Maitreya Lara V3.4                                      Maitreya mainstore

Location: Black Basalt Beach

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gonna soak up the sun...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy belated July 4th! I forgot to say that in my last post.

I wanted to show off one of the bikinis that I bought this summer in SL. There are some really nice ones out there.

Summer is a great time to relax in the sun and enjoy fresh air at the beach. The great thing about SL is that beaches in here can be vacant, not crowded like in real life.

Eye makeup is Meyla is dark blue by SlackGirl. It comes in 8 smoldering, lustrous hues. So here is my closeup.

I have a cozy lounger and touselled beach hair, The lounger is from The Loft from the June round of collabor88. It is so nicely textured. Hair is from Damselfly at the July round of FaMESHed. I feel like my avatar spent a day on the beach as the wind blew her hair off her face. The bikini is also from FaMESHed, a sexy creation by .miss chelsea in the color's a dark purple. The trendy shoes are Marrakesh by Essenz. They are just so cool!

And lest I forget, I brought drinks to hydrate my virtual self. No beach day is complete without an ice cooler with drinks. I got to keep cool.

Now I am going to recline for awhile before I take a dip in the cool water. Join me?

bikini set: .miss chelsea Chain Bikini Dusk @ FaMESHed
eyeshadow: SlackGirl Meyla for Lelutka head   SlackGirl mainstore
eyes: IKON Sovereign in silverleaf                     IKON mainstore
hair: Damselfly Treena rigged dark browns @ FaMESHed
head: Lelutka mesh head Stella                        Lelutka mainstore
body: Maitreya Lara body                               Maitreya mainstore
shoes: Essenz Marrakesh in cream for Slink mid feet @ Essenz Footwear
feet: Slink mid                                                      Slink mainstore
hands: Slink elegant                                             Slink mainstore
pose in 3rd photo: Sari-Sari Courtesan1      Sari-Sari poses

chair: The Loft- Norma Lounger Bed Wood Adult version The Loft mainstore
cooler: Doesburg by Carlos Ice Chest Doesburg by Carlos MP

Location: Black Basalt Beach

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer in the city...

Hey, I'm back from a short break. I needed to focus on midterms. I aced both and am waiting to hear about the third one. :-)

Can you believe that summer is halfway over? I can't! I LOVE summer!

Summer in the city is one of the best summer songs I have ever heard. The beat and the tempo makes you feel the movement and bustle in a true city, without the noise from traffic. Below I have included the version by Loving spoonful. If there are any covers, I would love to hear them!

This post features a boyish look. If you follow me on flickr, you will have seen my photo where I sport the sweats. That was my first time ever wearing sweats in SL and photographing it. The photo was called On my own. The brand is called ADRIATIC LINE by Ellan Verne. I love how he textures.

Photos were taken at Old New York and a store where you can buy athletic courts. I'm at one of the side streets in SL New York. This is one of my favorite city sims.

The outfit comes with the baseball cap, aviator sunglasses, button down shirt, sandy-colored flip flops (not pictured), and shorts. You can change the texture using the texture HUD that is included in the package. I love the texture HUD. I am wearing black. There are 32 color combinations for the shirt and shorts. For the hat, there are, red (as seen in photo), blue, and grey. The flip flops can be textured too, both the sole and straps. You have 8 colors to choose from for the straps and 9 for the flip flop sole.

You may notice that the cap is not sitting tight on my head, otherwise the hair would poke through the cap. I have never found a  hair that will not poke through a hat. Someone should make a hair made of a bald base under the hat and then a little bit of hair around the ears and neckline. It should be wearable with mesh heads too. Normal bald bases cannot be seen on a mesh head so it would need to be a mesh bald base with either mesh or flexi attachments on the bottom half.

I just love these sandals. That sheen and the texture looks so realistic and interesting. I would love to own a pair of sandals like these in real life.

hair: -Entente- Laurent Hair Entente MP
sunglasses: ADRIATIC line ADRIATIC Line mainstore
outfit: ADRIATIC line Mesh Summer Outfit HUD controlled ADRIATIC Line MP
shoes: Glamistry COLUMBINE Sandals for Slink feet Glamistry mainstore
hands: Slink elegant hands Slink mainstore
feet: Slink flat feet Slink
body: Maitreya mesh body Maitreya mainstore

pose: Vitaly5 & Vitaly7 by Diesel Works
Location: TT Enterprises and Old New York

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