Monday, July 27, 2015

New release pose for July 2015!

Hi everyone!

I am finally back with a new release. It is You Sexy Thing pose. If you can view restricted items on flickr, you will see a nude version of a photo where I use this pose. Judging from the reactions I got, I'd say this is a pretty sexy pose.  I decided to put on at least a bikini for this shot.

And I have a surprise for you all! You are not going to believe it!

First off, I got a new mainstore location. I did not think I would but a very good friend of mine found a sweet location. The sim owner is a kind lady who makes clothing for men and women, Jiejie Emerald. She is also looking for renters. She also owns a club on the sim. I am still setting up my store. I am in the process of reorganizing my vendors and loading the pose stands. But if you would like to take a look:

The real surprise is that I am restructuring Variposa a bit.

I will not only sell mod, copy and no trans poses but I am planning to sell full perm versions. I will mark the permissions on all vendor images from now on. I am going to be working on full perm packs. There will also be MM boards, Lucky chairs, and gacha machines. It will take me time to put it all together, but I will get there.

Also, I applied and got accepted into the Photographer's Hunt. That will run in the month of October. I am very excited about that!

eyes: IKON Sovereign Silverleaf IKON
hair: Truth Cynthia (old  hair)
bikini: HUCCI Mermaid Holiday bikini July collabor88
body: Maitreya Lara body V3.4  Maitreya 
shoes: Essenz Phoenix, Essenz Footwear
sofa: Boudoir Chaise Lounge white on MP

My pose is available at MP. It is rated moderate.

Smile and enjoy the adventure that is life...

Victoria Lenoirre

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