Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer in the city...

Hey, I'm back from a short break. I needed to focus on midterms. I aced both and am waiting to hear about the third one. :-)

Can you believe that summer is halfway over? I can't! I LOVE summer!

Summer in the city is one of the best summer songs I have ever heard. The beat and the tempo makes you feel the movement and bustle in a true city, without the noise from traffic. Below I have included the version by Loving spoonful. If there are any covers, I would love to hear them!

This post features a boyish look. If you follow me on flickr, you will have seen my photo where I sport the sweats. That was my first time ever wearing sweats in SL and photographing it. The photo was called On my own. The brand is called ADRIATIC LINE by Ellan Verne. I love how he textures.

Photos were taken at Old New York and a store where you can buy athletic courts. I'm at one of the side streets in SL New York. This is one of my favorite city sims.

The outfit comes with the baseball cap, aviator sunglasses, button down shirt, sandy-colored flip flops (not pictured), and shorts. You can change the texture using the texture HUD that is included in the package. I love the texture HUD. I am wearing black. There are 32 color combinations for the shirt and shorts. For the hat, there are, red (as seen in photo), blue, and grey. The flip flops can be textured too, both the sole and straps. You have 8 colors to choose from for the straps and 9 for the flip flop sole.

You may notice that the cap is not sitting tight on my head, otherwise the hair would poke through the cap. I have never found a  hair that will not poke through a hat. Someone should make a hair made of a bald base under the hat and then a little bit of hair around the ears and neckline. It should be wearable with mesh heads too. Normal bald bases cannot be seen on a mesh head so it would need to be a mesh bald base with either mesh or flexi attachments on the bottom half.

I just love these sandals. That sheen and the texture looks so realistic and interesting. I would love to own a pair of sandals like these in real life.

hair: -Entente- Laurent Hair Entente MP
sunglasses: ADRIATIC line ADRIATIC Line mainstore
outfit: ADRIATIC line Mesh Summer Outfit HUD controlled ADRIATIC Line MP
shoes: Glamistry COLUMBINE Sandals for Slink feet Glamistry mainstore
hands: Slink elegant hands Slink mainstore
feet: Slink flat feet Slink
body: Maitreya mesh body Maitreya mainstore

pose: Vitaly5 & Vitaly7 by Diesel Works
Location: TT Enterprises and Old New York

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