Thursday, January 9, 2014

So Tempted...aren't you tempted to dive into love?

Hi everyone!

As you can tell, my latest set is about temptation. And it concerns how we feel tempted in love. Should we let him/her into our lives and into our hearts? Or should we play it safe and keep him/her at a distance, as just a friend? This will always be a dilemma for us throughout our lives. Love and intimacy are what we all desire, right? But who do we trust and how can we trust? It sucks when someone betrays you and hurts you deeply. Or perhaps you have been hurt so many times in the past.

Some of you may be thinking that this sounds like it's from a mushy romance book and you might be right...but it is also a very true life story and fact too. Most people are terrified about taking a leap of faith and loving someone. It is a huge risk. I myself prefer to know someone for many months or a year before taking it to that romantic level. If we never take a chance, what will we gain though?

Be spontaneous, take a risk with your heart sometime! Just be sure to be safe and take the necessary precautions. The main thing is to know yourself and to know your limitations. With every risk, there are present and real dangers. So never dive in blind!

This pose set is about reluctant yet passionate love. The woman with those luscious lips is looking away from the handsome man and yet, she cannot take her hands off of him. The man has no intention of letting her get away, he has a hand placed firmly on her hip. His willpower keeps him from ravishing her because he wants a willing lover, though his need for her is so strong.  I tried to make it seem a little bit steamy. I like how the light makes their skin look golden and so shiny.

The pose is only available here!

One last thing, I redid my logo finally! While it is not a professional job at all, I hope that it is unique and not like everyone else's. No one likes to be caught being an imitator...unless of course you're one of those types who just takes others' ideas, never a good idea by the way. I tried to make it simple and I didn't use too many colors. Also, I want my poses to tell a story. Some of you know that I like to write, well I love it a lot actually. So I want to paint a scene with my poses, even if it's just a snippet of  a scene. The imagination is vast. What will you make of your life?

So have fun and enjoy the art!

-Victoria Lenoirre

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