Sunday, April 19, 2015

Call Me!

Hi everyone!

I've got done re-branding an old pose.

Years ago it was Alluring Gaze pose, now it's Call Me Beautiful pose. It's a lovely, stylish pose but it seemed like I didn't capture it well in photos. Since then, my photography skills have improved and I've realized that with a good angle and by following composition rules, a pose can look amazing on an avatar.

Pose presentation is an art and a difficult skill to learn. I'm happy to say that the past 4 weeks of taking classes at Visionaire Institute have made a big difference in how I view my photography and how I view everything in SL and in the world outside my home.

This is a soft pose, great for closeups. Are you drawn to the eyes? I hope so. The hair and the arm frame her face nicely.

I did edit the arm a bit. Poses can look strange on avatars, especially on the arms. I also added in shadows by stroking with black along the edges and then using gaussian blur. It just adds some contrast and pop to the figure.

The name for this pose is from a 2011 song by Megan Nicole. She started her career on Youtube singing covers for famous Pop songs. Her song B-E-A-UTIFUL was one of her first original songs. I love finding talent from Youtube channels, some are even more talented than the celebrities that were discovered by talent scouts or producers.

The music video is awesome. My hat off to whoever filmed the video. Nowadays, Megan is doing very well for herself. I'm really happy for her. It is so encouraging to see someone work hard and reach their goals in life.

Styling Credits:
pose:  V-posa Call Me Beautiful pose available here
dress: *Preptopia* Spring Fling in grey @ Preptopia
body: Maitreya Lara V3.0
hair: /Wasabi Pills Lindsey from Uber
skin: PumeC ELENA in Summer tone from PumeC Mainstore
eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes Coffee
necklace: Arabella Wild pearls by Maxi Gossamer @ Black Fair
earrings:  Arabella Wild pearls by Maxi Gossamer @ Black Fair

Thanks for viewing!

Victoria Lenoirre
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