Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back At One...this is for the men

Hi everyone!

How's life? I hope that you all are doing well and feeling okay.

I'm slowly developing my men pose line. I have a few older male poses. I have become more aware that the number of men poses out there is quite small. I thought of the reasons why and I understand them. But it's frustrating to search for men poses out there if only a few brands make poses specifically for men.

I'm going to try my best to create as many as I can.

This new one is called Back At One. It may sound familiar to some of you. There was this song that came out in 1999, sung by Brian McKnight. The song was on his 5th studio album.

To me, this pose shows a relaxed, proud man who stands tall and strong. He is alone but out of choice.

SLink hands are worn in the photo.

I want to thank my friend, Apollo, for critiquing the uploads I made until this final one. Even if I've been creating for years, it doesn't mean I upload the best version on the first time. I pride myself on the effort and time I spent checking the poses from all possible angles. Taking pictures can help me look at it from the perspective of an audience and see if it looks good or weird. Gyazo helps me too. Yay for screenshot software!

Style credits:

pose: Back At One pose Variposa
hair: EXILE AJ Pecan from dark brown pack, EXILE inworld
eyes: IKON Perspective eyes Evening  IKON inworld
shirt: FashionNatic Vidor S shirt           New! SLURL
pants: FashionNatic Vidor S pants        New!
shoes: FashionNatic Vidor shoes          New!
hands: SLink AvEnhance Hands Male Relax SLink inworld

Take care!

Victoria Lenoirre

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