Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New pose for both males and females!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are well.

I have finally found time to finish a pose. This one is unisex, both male and female avatars can use it. I made it in honor of the late Leonard Nimoy who is famous for being Spock in Star Trek. I hope he is resting in peace now.

Many of you probably recognize the "Live long and prosper" hand sign that he would do. I admire how logical he was. I actually took a Logic class during my university time. I recommend learning formal and informal logic.

As the texture says, this pose works with the Slink Prosper hand. I wear Slink all the time now. I did edit the lines of the body, but not as fully as I would if this were a professional portrait. 

The shirt might look funny. It is non-mesh. For 49L, it looks decent and the closest I could find to a Star Trek uniform.

Styling credits:
eyes: IKON Perspective eyes Evening
hair: EXILE Jackson dark browns
hand: right hand is the Slink Prosper hand, left hand is Slink casual
shirt: TOS Spock Scanning by Tiny Etzel

See it here on MP.

Enjoy and have fun!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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