Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beautiful Sadness Pose, new pose!

Hi lovelies!

I have finally come up with a new pose. So much has happened since my last release. This release feels really personal to me. It's about being sad and expressing it. The pose is named Beautiful Sadness. Originally it was fallin'. My inspiration came from Adele's song, Set Fire To The Rain. The lyrics that stand up  to me now are, "my knees they felt so weak, to stand in your arms, without fallin' to your feet..."

Everyone feels sad and weak, whether you lose a friend because they die or they just walk away from you or you lose someone close to you, or you lose something to a disaster...we all know sadness. And sadness can be beautiful, not just to poets or musicians, but also to those who appreciate life and accept that sadness is just a part of our lives.

So don't be afraid to feel sad. Don't be afraid to let it show. You are not alone.

You can buy it here:

And soon it will be at my marketplace page, I will post the direct link soon.



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