Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Animation updates and showing off outfits

Hi lovelies!

I am working on a new pose this week. I hope to release it soon. I think you'll want to have it.

In other news, I finished a mining animation for a client. It's an animation of a miner bent on one knee and hammering at tin ore. This one was a bit challenging because at first, I didn't have a clear visual of what the client wanted. If you do custom animating or most custom work, you will see this. Clients expect you to know what they want, but without a lot of specifics. You just have to be patient with them and ask them if they can find something for you. Well, I am just happy that that client is satisfied.

Ok, so I will be showing off some clothing by a friend of mine who owns Glow Designs. Her name is TanyA Wakaonna. She is from South Africa. She is very kind. Currently, she is working on setting up a new store inworld. I will include an LM here when I get one.

*GD* Alek City Girl

This dress is called Alek City Girl. Normally I don't wear bright orange, but I really like this tone of orange. It's bright, but has a bit of softness in it. It reminds me a little of Orange Sorbet. I really like the ruffle by the collar bone. It adds a bit of flair to the dress and accentuates the soft curving of the shoulders and neck. So ladies, you don't need a necklace to get people to look up at your face and shoulders or...bosom. Smiles. I love how  the torso area is a mix of blue and orange. It adds dimension to an otherwise too orangey dress. The blending is flawless and soft, not sharp or extreme.

The flounce of the dress is interesting too. It slants downwards, not a typical straight hem. It seems to sweep the air when you move. I think that is a nice touch.

The outfit also comes with shoes and stockings.

The shoes match the bodice of the dress. The stockings match the shoes perfectly. The stockings are two-toned, a light purple and a dark purple. I'm reminded of Pippi Longstockings but with a twist. Pippi wouldn't wear platform shoes, especially not ones this color.

This next outfit is *GD* Alice in Green. I think it's such a fun outfit to wear and take pictures in.

*GD* Alice in Green

I really liked how this shot came out. The skirt looks like it's swishing in the air. It looks a bit like a hippy skirt, except shorter and the feel is a bit like a Hawaiian grass skirt too, by looking at it (but I'm sure you can imagine the feel if you look at it inworld, maybe garments should make garment sounds like shoes have the tapping sound in them).

The bodice looks sweet and sexy at the same time. The puffed sleeves brings a girlishness to this dress. While this dress is very modern, it also still retains a bit of that classic Alice in Wonderland feel. The cuffs make it seem athletic and it brings to mind how Alice was running around looking for a way out.

I think the striped socks are cute. They also add a girlish feel to it. Don't they look warm? Now this is a closeup of the socks and shoes.

You can see more clearly how tall these socks are. And check out the shoes! Aren't those Crocs too cute? The shoes are also included with the outfit. This is also a modern touch. If you remember the book and movie, Alice wore black Mary Jane shoes. These are just as cute. Just like Mary Janes, Crocs are trendy and versatile, they can go with just about any casual outfit (no one try to wear Crocs with formal wear LOL).

The last item (it's not an outfit) I will show off is a jewelry set. The set is called Indawo.
*GD* Indawo

I really like these sky blue clay beads. The little leaf adds an earthy touch to it. This set can go with any casual outfit. I like how the beads have white blended in them, like they really were baked in an oven. Even the leaf has a shine to it in the texture.

The set even includes a matching bracelet. I have a closeup picture of it below.

The set is trendy and very stylish. I love it. I love the earthy feel to this set.

So these are the items I'm showing off for today. I have more for next time!

Have fun and enjoy each day!


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