Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three fabulous outfits from Glow Designs

Hi lovelies!

I'm running behind schedule, so unfortunately I did not finish  the pose I had in mind. But I will definitely get on it. I have the idea and also I'll need to build the prop. I'm not the best at building, but I will try my best and ask for help and tips if I need it. Because hey, one person can't do it all. It's great to get feedback, help, and ideas from others!

However, I do have more outfits to show you from my friend TanyA, owner of Glow Designs. Her designs are lovely, inventive, trendy and just gorgeous!

The first outfit I am wearing is called Amore in green. It's a beautiful green evening gown. However, it is not a plain dark green, it is a mix of many greens with a bit of sparkle in it. I think it is gorgeous. The first photo is of the entire dress. The second photo is a closeup of the sleeves and delicate bodice. The ruffles are elegant and sweet.

Amore in green

Even my guy friends adored it. The name is definitely appropriate. You will LOVE it and your friends will LOVE it too.

The dress also comes with stockings and matching shoes.

Up next is Amore in silver. It's a bit different, but if you notice, it is similar to Amore in green.

Amore in silver
The hem and skirt of the dress looks just like Amore in silver, notice how piecey and wide it looks....its overall shape. It also seems to shine. The texturing on this dress is really nice. The shoulder ruffle leads the eye down to the waistline and bustle...a beautiful touch to this silvery creation.

Here is a closeup of the shoulder ruffle and bodice.

I even have a picture of the shoes and stockings. I like the silver color shoes, they almost look white. They can go with any outfit. Mixing and matching is fun, isn't it?

For the last outfit, I'm dressing down. It's a more casual, relaxed look....more business casual. It's stylish and comfortable. It's called *GD* Anel. It's a cream-colored belted sweater dress with laced up boot heels.

*GD* Anel

I love this outfit. And lest I forget, take a look at the shoes. Aren't they just très chic?

And that's it for now!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

Oh silly me, I forgot to add that there are 2 collars for this outfit. One is the standard turtle neck and the other is the classy cowl neck. The difference is subtle. I prefer the cowl neck. Which do you prefer? Either way, both collars look great on this ensemble!

Turtleneck version collar

Classy cowl neck version
~Lady V

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