Friday, February 10, 2012

New pose from Lady Victoria, in time for Valentine's Day!

Hi lovelies!

Lady V has been busy as usual. I am happy to say though that I have just released a new pose for my brand, Lady Victoria's Creations. I changed the name, because it looks better on my new banner.

The pose is called Sexy Temptress. It is a seductive sit pose, looks nice on a bed or sofa. As you can see, I am sitting on a sofa, a red silk sofa. I bought the silk texture awhile back, like last year. This was the first time I used it. I built that sofa for a prop. It's not quite good enough to sell, but it looked pretty good in the photo. I could make some adjustments on it and who knows, it'll be an item under my label. :-)

It's copy and mod, but no transfer. I hope you like it.

Also, I got the corset from NV Corsetry. One of the owners, Khurt Vargon, helped me to resize it. He was most helpful and replied to offlines promptly. Their corsets are so realistic. I love them.

Yes, I took the picture myself. I've been practicing my photo skills in SL lately, aside from custom animation jobs.

I hope you'll visit my store inworld to see my little photo gallery.

Happy Valentine's all! Happy weekend!

Lady V

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