Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hi lovelies!

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you are enjoying the weekend with your family and friends!

I hope to release a new pose or two this week, so watch for it!

I leave you with my latest photo called Spring Night. I'm very happy with it. I was playing the harp in a forest, with butterflies behind me.

Have fun and enjoy life!

~Lady V/Victoria Lenoirre

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Monday, March 25, 2013

My first male pose created today!

Hi lovelies!

I am pleased to present my first male model pose...Stylish Gaze pose. At first it was called male side look, but then I opted for a more descriptive name.

I know how hard it is to find good male poses that aren't in a couples set. And not a lot of pose makers focus on male poses. So I'll try to do my best and create some good male poses that you will like. I want to diversify.

Stylish Gaze is about a man who is proud and confident with himself, his body, his looks. You can tell by his poise...the set of his jaw and more. I really hope you like this one. 
The man in the photo is a man I just met today. I asked in a group if anyone wanted to pose for me  for a male pose. He IMs me and we meet up at this nice city sim. And he is so friendly. He said he thought the pose was stiff and he said "strikes a dramatic pose". And I just cracked up. If you take photos, you know how hard it is to take photos while you're laughing. Hahaha. Such a nice guy though. I was like, "Don't make me drop my camera because I'm laughing." That was a fun shoot. His name is Jack Happy (justahappyguy resident), he truly is happy.

On occasion, I do ask strangers to pose for me and it's fun. The guy for my Basic Chest press animation, he has become a dear friend to me. Things happen for a reason. Maybe you might be my next photo model, it could be fun.

Go here to find it at MP. You can try it at my new store here.

Have and enjoy life!

~Lady V/Victoria Lenoirre

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Edge of Love/Languishing Pose released!

Hi lovelies!

Twice in one week, unusual for me right? Well, I came up with a new setup for this pose. It's not new, I created it last year. But, I never released it. Maybe I forgot or it got lost. Well, no longer!

It is called Edge of Love/ Languishing pose. Languishing was the original name for it. But after I set up the pose on a nice bed, I knew I had to change it a bit.

Lying down, with her hair dangling down to one side, she is so relaxed and comfortable. Her eyes soft and wistful. Is she thinking of her lover or of a future of love? So tender and tenuous is it when we love and feel like we are on the edge.

I am using the same hair as last time. It just works well. This nice dress is from ~Sassy!~, Julia dress in violet. This dress really glows from all the sequins and it is mesh. It is just gorgeous and cute. It is one of the dresses from FFL 2013. The shoes are N-Core.

Some news, I am moving to a new location. I am still setting up, but my pose is there.

You can also find the item here on marketplace.

Enjoy the art and have fun!

~Lady Victoria/Victoria Lenoirre

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alluring Gaze Pose released and FFL 2013 info...New!

Hi lovelies!

I have finally finished a new pose. FFL 2013 and Skin Fair 2013 was keeping me busy. FFL ended on the 17th, but you can still buy FFL items at mainstores from the FFL vendors. How cool is that?

Another model pose has arrived...Alluring Gaze Pose!

She is feminine, sultry, attractive...beckoning you to look upon her. One hand is settled on the outline of her thigh and the other is nestled in her glossy, voluminous hair.

I chose one of the Windblown hairs from EMO-TIONS. This gorgeous little number is from !dM deviousMind: Lady Vayne *LILAC*.  The matching peacock tail is stunning! It also comes with  a bird mask and a face mask. There are several variations of each mask. This is a FFL 2013 item that I did not blog during the event. There were hundreds of designs and creations there! FFL 2013 raised over 5 million lindens! You can still get FFL 2013 items until July!

Here is my pose at marketplace.

And you can see my store inworld.

Don't forget to check out FFL 2013 items if you didn't manage to visit all the shops during the official event!

Have fun and enjoy life!

~Lady Victoria/Victoria Lenoirre

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy with blogging, but will be back soon!

Hi lovelies!

I have missed blogging about my latest creations! Creating is wonderful and fun! But since the beginning of this month, I have been kept busy at BOSL. My editor and friend, Persia Bravin, asked me to write about the sims for Fashion For Life 2013. Frolic Mills is the chairman of the grand event this year! The sims are built around the theme, The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And it is amazing! It just opened on March 9th. My coverage can be found at ArTech Musings and in the latest issue of BOSL Magazine.

I have been busily blogging about some of the outfits and I will review some skins from Skin Fair 2013.

Soon, I will release a new pose. As always, I have several ideas in my mind. So stay tuned!

Until later, darlings.

~Victoria Lenoirre/Lady Victoria

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