Monday, March 25, 2013

My first male pose created today!

Hi lovelies!

I am pleased to present my first male model pose...Stylish Gaze pose. At first it was called male side look, but then I opted for a more descriptive name.

I know how hard it is to find good male poses that aren't in a couples set. And not a lot of pose makers focus on male poses. So I'll try to do my best and create some good male poses that you will like. I want to diversify.

Stylish Gaze is about a man who is proud and confident with himself, his body, his looks. You can tell by his poise...the set of his jaw and more. I really hope you like this one. 
The man in the photo is a man I just met today. I asked in a group if anyone wanted to pose for me  for a male pose. He IMs me and we meet up at this nice city sim. And he is so friendly. He said he thought the pose was stiff and he said "strikes a dramatic pose". And I just cracked up. If you take photos, you know how hard it is to take photos while you're laughing. Hahaha. Such a nice guy though. I was like, "Don't make me drop my camera because I'm laughing." That was a fun shoot. His name is Jack Happy (justahappyguy resident), he truly is happy.

On occasion, I do ask strangers to pose for me and it's fun. The guy for my Basic Chest press animation, he has become a dear friend to me. Things happen for a reason. Maybe you might be my next photo model, it could be fun.

Go here to find it at MP. You can try it at my new store here.

Have and enjoy life!

~Lady V/Victoria Lenoirre

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