Thursday, March 21, 2013

Edge of Love/Languishing Pose released!

Hi lovelies!

Twice in one week, unusual for me right? Well, I came up with a new setup for this pose. It's not new, I created it last year. But, I never released it. Maybe I forgot or it got lost. Well, no longer!

It is called Edge of Love/ Languishing pose. Languishing was the original name for it. But after I set up the pose on a nice bed, I knew I had to change it a bit.

Lying down, with her hair dangling down to one side, she is so relaxed and comfortable. Her eyes soft and wistful. Is she thinking of her lover or of a future of love? So tender and tenuous is it when we love and feel like we are on the edge.

I am using the same hair as last time. It just works well. This nice dress is from ~Sassy!~, Julia dress in violet. This dress really glows from all the sequins and it is mesh. It is just gorgeous and cute. It is one of the dresses from FFL 2013. The shoes are N-Core.

Some news, I am moving to a new location. I am still setting up, but my pose is there.

You can also find the item here on marketplace.

Enjoy the art and have fun!

~Lady Victoria/Victoria Lenoirre

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