Friday, December 15, 2017

New shape - Jocelyn

Hi friends,

I have created yet another new shape. It is nice to be creating looks again.

I decided to go blonde for this shape. Those who know me know that I favor brown or black hair. The blonde hair just went nice with the coloring of her face and the hairstyle itself. Hair is by Exile.

She reminds me of Rachel McAdams in the first Mean Girls movie. She knows she looks good. The boys are crazy about her.

I hope you love this shape! It is for the Catwa Catya head and the Maitreya body.

Pose can be found:


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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Brand new shape - Bonnie!

Hi friends and followers,

I am back in SL, finally. Real life has been really busy and draining. Life is finally slowing down a bit just in time for the holidays!

I just finished creating a new shape. I named it Bonnie. I really like how it came out.

It works with the Catwa Catya head and the Maitreya mesh body.

Like my other shapes it costs 99 lindens. A style card is included in each pack. The pose used is from the Image Essentials Sultry pack. Image Essentials is owned by Kay Weston.

Bonnie is honest and straightforward. I like the directness in the eyes. When you want to say something, try to be direct and not being wishy washy or coy.

If I don't update this blog sooner, have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends!

You can find my pose at the following locations:



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Thursday, June 15, 2017

New bento shape out, Scarlet!

Hey lovelies and friends!

How are you? I hope you are having fabulous summers! I am keeping busy as always!

I wanted to show you my newest release, a bento shape called Scarlet. It works with the Catwa Lona bento head.

The styling is the same as in the photos from last week. I forgot to mention that the skin applier is from amara beauty, Jewel. It is such a beautiful skin. In the closeup you can see that I have moles on my face, those are Izzie's Cora moles.

The shape is 99L and can be found on MP and at my mainstore. Come check it out!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

- V. Lenoirre

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer is here...

Hey lovelies!

Just felt like blogging an outfit this week! I was going to go for a summer outfit but well, I saw this gorgeous dress and I knew I wanted to wear it. After all, this week is my birthday week, sometimes a girl just needs to pamper herself. I headed out to see the Souled Out event (blogger preview) and FaMESHed.

I will have another pose out very soon though.

Lastly, I am pleased to show you a video of Designing Worlds in which one of my dearest friends is interviewed, Torgon Woodget! It is the second video where Saffia and Elrik visit the Home & Garden Expo. His rollercoaster, ferris wheel, and his kittycat HUD is displayed at the Home & Garden Expo. He is so talented and has such a great sense of humor! :-)

Styling credits:
Catwa Lona bento head v 2.14    Catwa mainstore
Maitreya Lara mesh body V4.1 Maitreya 
AG. Lucent eyes by Avi-Glam - Souled Out Tri-Weekly Event
Scandalize MINA dress - FaMESHed 
N-core Claudia - FaMESHed
Erica necklace & earrings - Beloved Jewelry
Vista Miriam bento AO -Vista Animations

Location: The Grove Country Club
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

I feel alive pose, NEW release!

Hey lovelies!

Happy Summer! Aren't you glad that summer is here! I know I am. Summer is my favorite season and winter seemed to be endless!

I have a new pose out. It is another one that can be used to show off your shoes. This one is more of a reclining pose.

I feel alive pose is a sensual, reclining pose. I tilted the pose back so you could better see the tilt of the chin, the arch of the torso, and the curve of the arms. This pose lengthens the avatar and makes it look leaner and more lithe.

The hair is one of the newest hairs from Exile, Over the edge. It is the bento version and it has movement to it. It is quite a lovely effect!

I will have the pose out soon at my inworld store very soon!

Styling credits
mesh head: Catwa Lona bento head 2.16
mesh body: Maitreya Lara mesh body V4.1
hair: Exile Over the edge bento @ Exile mainstore
crown: Code-5 Dahnya crown       Code-5  
top: !go! Latifa outfit @ !go! mainstore
rings: Code-5 Wings of love         Code-5
skirts: *Sweet Kajira* Julia upper skirt blue & Julia under skirt blue - old gacha items
arm & leg bands: Earthstones Mithian arm & leg bands in aqua - MP

pose- I feel alive pose @ Variposa 

Monday, May 8, 2017

New store location and fresh pose out!

Hi lovelies!

I am back for awhile, I hope! I have some news to share with you too!

I finally moved to a new parcel. I have wanted to switch to a new store build for awhile but I had not gotten around to looking. The new place will allow me a bit more space and more prims. The store build might change but for now I do have a building set down. Variposa is at a new place called Grote.

This is going to be my home spot for awhile. I hope you will come visit sometime! :-)

My other bit of news is that I finally released a new pose this year! As some of you know, I blog shoes for GLAMISTRY every month. I often struggle with finding poses that will suit the shoes I am showing off. So my latest pose is a pose that can be used for blogging shoes. If you are like me and you do not always want to use a standing pose, then it might please you.

You may need to adjust the pose a bit to make sure the heels of your shoes do not sink into the ground, unless you want them to. I just love how it came out. My avatar looks stylish, relaxed and graceful. It looks great for a spring or summer picture.

The shoes I am wearing are Camilla from GLAMISTRY. The jeans and shirt are from BUENO. Hair is by from Phoenix, Sonya. The necklace is Maxi Gossamer, Coachella Valley Dula from a past round of FaMESHed.

That's all for now! Come check out my new store sometime soon! Have a great week!

- V. Lenoirre

Style credits:

Mesh parts:

head: CATWA Catya bento head v1.08
body: Maitreya  mesh body - Lara V4.1 with bento hands

::Phoenix:: Sonya Hair Dark Browns

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Coachella Valley Dula

BUENO Lazy Day Shirt - White

BUENO-Tight Jeans Dark Denim


Variposa Sitting with heels @ Grote
                                            @ Marketplace
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

A new shape line from Variposa...Bento shapes!

Hi friends and fans!

I have some great news! I have decided to start creating shapes to go along with Bento heads.

My first one is for the Genesis Labs Eva Bento head. I call it Olivia.

As some of you know, I am a fan of the ABC series Scandal. The series premiere was 2 weeks ago, I think. The show plays every Thursday and then you can catch it on the ABC go website.

It was really difficult for me to get the face looking like Olivia and I have come really close this time.

Eyes worn come with the Eva head.

You can purchase my shape here.

I am pretty satisfied with the look I created.


V. Lenoirre

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Allure of the Sea...Insol and more blogged

Hey friends and followers!

I wanted to show you a new look. I bought a few items and tried a different look than what I usually wear.

This time I sported a mermaid look.

The top and the makeup are new. The top is from Aleutia and it is exclusively for the Maitreya body. It comes with a texture HUD and you can change the color of the top, the texture of the studs and the color of the trim. I decided to go with an aqua green with yellow studs and trim. You can find it at The Secret Affair event this month. The makeup is also from The Secret Affair, SlackGirl Ariel Mesh & Makeup for Catwa & Classic Av. You can also buy versions for other heads.

The hair and the tail are not new. I just could not find the sort of hair that would not cover my chest and I did not see any tails there. The hair is from .Olive. and it seems to look voluminous and flowy and so romantic, the Pearl Hair. The tail is from Gaeline Creations, the same designer who designed the GA. EG mesh heads and the mesh lashes. The mesh lashes are great but might not be rigged for mesh heads. Always try demos before buying!

The photo was taken at Fanci's Deep. It is a beautiful underwater sim that is actually part of the Blake Sea region.

Credits will follow.

Have fun!

Hair:            .Olive. the Pearl Hair  
Head:           CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v1.06
Eyes:           CATWA UN-RIGGED EYES
Skin applier:INSOL Anita
Makeup:       SlackGirl Ariel Mesh & Makeup for Catwa & Classic Av - The Secret Affair
Top:              [Aleutia] Amatheia (Maitreya)   - The Secret Affair
Tail:              *GA* Ligie Mermaid Tail Maitreya - Gaeline Creations
Body:            Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
AO:              *GA* Wonderful Mermaid AO I&II HUD  - Gaeline Creations

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Insol, new skin...Anita

Hey there,

So I have decided to do part-time blogging. It is really just an excuse for me to take selfies and play around with settings in Photoshop and get in some photomanipulation practice.

This skin I am blogging is by Insol, it is Anita in the honey tone. You can find the skin at Uber. It works only on Catwa heads. I am wearing it on the CATWA Catya Bento head.

I like it because it looks Italian or Latin American or Hawaiian. I thought the vendor pic made the applier look like Adriana Lima. In this photo, it looks like her.

The great thing about a Bento head is that you can modify the head almost as much as a default SL head. I focused on the cheek bones, face shape, jaw, nose, and eyes.

My eyes are CATWA's unrigged eyes. They are the ones with the tears included and you must buy them separately.

Lovely hair is by MINA, the Hanne hair from the dark brown pack. I found it at FaMESHed. You might be able to find it at her store too, I do not know if it is a new hair or not. I do not buy hair as often as I did before.

Before I forget, the sweater is from Pizaz Couture. I saw a photo on flickr and had to get it. The sweater comes with the inside t-shirt plus jeans. Plus, there is a texture HUD that lets you choose from lots of colors. I think it is great. I need more pants so this fit the bill.

That's all for now!

-V. Lenoirre

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Friday, January 6, 2017

New year, new stuff...Look at Me pose

Hey lovelies/Variposers,

I hope that you are enjoying the new year and enjoyed or are enjoying the rest of your vacations. It is nice to relax a bit before resuming the usual routines.

Now to present to you my latest pose, Variposa Look at Me pose.

It is a pose for women. I wanted to create something sultry and hot. And this pose fits the bill. She looks over her shoulder, arches her back a little, thrusts her chest out a bit, and looks at you from the corner of her eye. She is daring you to look at her.

The mesh curtain is from Rustica. I love how detailed the folds and wrinkles are. The shading is excellent.

Hair is from ARGRACE, Hikari. It really looks like wet hair.

Lingerie is applier lingerie for the Maitreya body.

The head is the CATWA Catya Bento head. I am wearing the amara beauty Jade applier with a shape that I have created. I like being able to change the shape of my face.

You can find my pose inworld:


Have a good time in life!

- V. Lenoirre

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