Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Photograph pose released!

Hey I'm back and I have 2 announcements.

First is that the A Night Before Voodoo hunt has started! The pose is out at my store and you just click the Voodoo face to receive it. I hope you like it! I am #20 on the list. The starting point is in Sugarplum.

Second bit of news is that I have a brand new male pose out. I call it Photograph, the name is from the Ed Sheeran song of the same name.

I think male bloggers and male models will like it. You got a tilt to one side and an arm extended out from the hips. It is elegant and suave. The hand at the hip is that way so that the fingers won't dig into the hip bone. They might if you wear thick jeans though. So this will work for tight pants.

I am wearing the same pants from the Fashionnatic Vidor set. I am going low budget for awhile. I'll see about changing an outfit soonish. If you have any suggestions, let me know! They must be mesh and reasonably priced.

And yeah, I finally went out and bought the Slink Physique appliers for the Labyrinth Gideon skin. So now the face and body match much better. I am wearing the Sunkissed appliers. I did not tint the skin in Photoshop this time. For those who see that the applier isn't quite matching the face, the Slink Physique male has a separate HUD for skin RGB. I just clicked up on the white part and then it all matched. If you ever have any Omega questions, join the Omega Support group inworld. The users are very helpful. Plus, you can pay a discounted price inworld when you wear the Omega group tag.

Both my hunt pose and Photograph pose are at my mainstore. It is also available at MP.

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