Friday, August 14, 2015

Variposa store news!

Hey all! Hope you are having a fun summer and enjoying those sun rays, while wearing sunscreen of course!

I wanted to let you know that Variposa is now located at Emerald Island! It is a nice sim and the LM will take you to a beautiful landing. Just walk straight ahead and my store is on the left. There are 3 brightly colored statues outside my store.

Emerald Island is the home of Emerald Couture, owned by JieJie Emerald and there is Club Emerald. By the marina is the rental office. There are parcels and skyboxes for rent. Check them out!

The club has regular DJs every week. Last time I checked, there was an application for DJs, hostesses, dancers and a club manager.

There are 2 sim managers as well, Chelsea and Lacie. They are very friendly and helpful.

Come on over for a visit!

Victoria Lenoirre
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