Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Re-release of Am I Wrong? pose

Hi all!

I'm back with a re-do of a product texture. It's a slow process and I'm not exactly psyched to be doing it but consistency is one of the best policies in a business. In the past, my products have never looked uniform so I'll start doing that now.

This is my re-release of Am I wrong? pose. The pose was inspired by the Nico & Vinz song Am I wrong? It's a soulful, upbeat tune that really has meaning in it.

This time I'm posed in front of an empty bookshelf. The shelf is part of Bibliophile's study by Dysfunctional Designs. This entire set is available at the we <3 rp event this month.

The dress is from Valentina E., the Jezebel dress. This is the dress in Dove, it's a light grey. The dress is also available in black and blue. The scarf part is in black or brown. All of these dresses can be bought from this month's FaMeshed event.

The hair is from /wasabi pills, Tiffany. The hair is also from FaMeshed.

I'm wearing hands from Slink, the elegant hands. I love the Slink hands, I should buy more. I do not own them all.

Eyes are from IKON.

So, I'll be back soon with a new release or a new re-release. I still have many more to go. I'll be sorting and not all of my poses will pass the sorting process. No one says updating is a fun process. Haha.

This is the link to this pose on MP.

You all take care! And if you're in a cold place, stay warm!

Best regards,

Victoria Lenoirre
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