Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Happy New Year for V. Lenoirre & Variposa!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say Happy New Year! May your 2015 be successful and the best yet! Remember the good times and the goodness around you. Don't dwell on the wrongs or fails of the past, those are lessons to keep in mind and those lessons should inspire us to work on improving ourselves and our lives. In life, we are given chances and we should take them and choose to do what is right.

Here I am wearing Noel by Just Darling. Thank you to Gabriella Karillion! You rock, girl! She is one of the sweetest women I know in SL and I'm proud to call her my friend.

Also, some news from me is that my business is being re-branded as Variposa. Variposa is a play on the Spanish word mariposa which means "butterfly". Like the butterfly, I have grown into what I am now. I know I still have room to grow. The "vari" part is from the word variety. I try to have a variety of positions and styles in my poses. I can do emo, stylish, even role play. I believe that the sky is the limit. Our imagination has no boundaries if we let it roam free and we embrace openness and creativity. Free your mind is just one of my beliefs.

My new logo can be seen on facebook in my V. Lenoirre group and it's at flickr at the V. Lenoirre & Variposa group as well as marketplace.

New poses will be released after New Year's probably.

Have warm, happy holidays and I hope to see you in 2015!

Love and regards,

Victoria Lenoirre

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