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Desert Rose 3 is out now!

Hey everyone!

Great news, I have released Desert Rose 3. I created it last month but I did not want to release it without the silk scarf. Making the scarf this time was harder than I expected. It is 8 prims. I have included a notecard with the positioning that worked for me. You can move it up or to the right or left, but it should probably be in the same area or around the same area.

I love that song by Sting. It's exotic and it calls to me. It's beautiful and so profound.

There might be more in the series. If you've been following my progress for awhile you'll know that Desert Rose is my first ever pose series. It's a fabulous song that just inspires me. There are so many songs I'd like to cover and I have so many ideas and outfits I want to get. Sadly, there isn't enough money to get them all. Haha but I manage well enough.

I'm wearing another great outfit from ~Soedara~. Marbella does great with the silks and the jewelry. I know I will visit her store again.

What she wears:

hair: TRUTH Stephania blacks & whites
eyes: KMADD Promise eyes
outfit: ~Soedara~ Tarantia d'or  including the jewelrys, the PG top is sold separately
footwear: Slink AVEnhance female flat

Pose is now available here at my newest mall spot in Aftermath:

Have fun and enjoy the art!

-Victoria Lenoirre

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Audrey shape released!

Hey all!

I'm back with a new bento shape. It's another shape for the Vista Zoe head. I really like the head, can't ya tell? :-)

I went for a classier look. I really like how the eyes came out, they seem to smolder. It's so sexy.

You can find it now at my store.


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Lorna shape for Genesis Lab Eva bento head!

Hi lovelies!

How are you? I hope you're enjoying your summer! I hope that you keep cool and make sure to drink lots of water during the day.

I'm back with a new bento shape. It's for the Genesis Lab Eva bento head. I made the Olivia shape for this head before, but hadn't had a chance to make another for this head until now.  She is Lorna!

This is the Vivien skin also from Genesis Lab in the latte shade. It's a gorgeous skin and I liked all the shades! It was difficult for me to choose just one. The hair is from DOUX, love how it frames the face slightly. This is such a soulful look.

I will post the links for this shape later. It is available in my mainstore in the shape vendor in the back of the store. Should be at marketplace in the next few days!


Have fun and enjoy life!

-V. Lenoirre

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Veronique shape - New for June!

Hey lovelies!

I'm back for a new shape for the Lelutka Bianca mesh head! It's called Veronique!

She is elegant, glam, and so sexy! The dress is so gorgeous, Phoebe from Just Because. It shows the right amount of decolletage to be both elegant and sexy. All the colors are gorgeous but I chose green after much consideration. It was really hard to settle on the color! The texture looks so lush and you can almost feel the softness and the creases are so well done. The off shoulder sleeves are just divine.

The shape is available inworld and on MP.

Enjoy life!

V. Lenoirre

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