Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ready To Go and being active in life

Hi lovely people!

I'm so thankful for all the feedback and support I've gotten from my friends and admirers over the years.

My latest is dedicated to those who are actively living and reaching for the good in life.

Ready To Go is a song by Panic! At The Disco. It's a very upbeat song with a happening beat and few lyrics. The rhythm and beat really get me going every time I hear it.

The beat reminds me of marching forward. We always have to be moving and we need to be versatile and flexible. There are some that believe we should just focus on one task but that is not always possible. From my education in the US, I learned that I was expected to know a variety of subjects and at least become proficient in them. On any day, I would have several things to do. We are encouraged to be "well-rounded" from a young age. We are taught to accept many responsibilities and duties.

So this is a pose about being proactive in life. She is ready to get moving. She is ready for change and a new beginning. Though she is leaning against a post or wall, she is alert and can get busy at a moment's notice.

This is my second outfit by Prism Designs owned by Journey McLaglen. The texturing is great. It is so very realistic and detailed. I feel like I could wear this in RL and touch the fibers. 

She wears:

Prism Joon in Noir by Journey, complete outfit with shoes and scarf included

Hair by D!va Zaara (Onyx)

Eyes by Poetic Colors

Pose is here:

Have fun and enjoy the art!


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