Thursday, August 18, 2011

New - Backwards Glance!

Hi lovelies!

Wow, I've been busy! I've been planing and scheming about what I'll do in the future. If you recall, I mentioned that my oldest SL friend passed away. I miss her keenly and I hope she is very happy wherever she is.

To honor her and my memory of her, I am creating a line in her name. I'm calling it Brinda's Namaste Collection. In Hindi when you say Namaste, you are telling someone that you honor their soul and in turn, you honor the goodness in them. Brinda always respected good, talented, and smart people in here. She encouraged me in my animating endeavors and in so many other aspects of my life. She inspired love and respect in countless people in SL. We all feel the loss deeply.

This is where you can see my newest release and pictures of her and some of my other friends on the walls:

Namaste, be well,


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