Sunday, July 17, 2011

Animation in Blender?

So many people probably recoil in fear when they hear the word "Blender" as in the sculpting 3d program that you can get free from It is hard to install and it's even harder to use. But all is not lost. If you look for blender tutorials, you can find some really helpful ones.

Lately I talked to a fellow animator who said I should try to use Blender to create animations. So, I will try. It seems somewhat easier than what I had expected. So if I don't release anything soon, you can be sure I'm struggling in Blender.

Mesh is coming to the maingrid, Agni, and I want to know how to create with Blender by then.I still don't fully understand about mesh, but what I'm hearing is that it will be more expensive to upload mesh objects. Here's a link to a blog by Nalates.

If I can handle GIMP and SL viewers, I think I can handle Blender. :-)

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