Tuesday, April 5, 2011

See this view! Pose released!

Hi lovelies!

As of today, you can now buy See this view! pose. It's #4 in my Celestial Pose series! I was inspired by that gesture in Disney's Aladdin when Aladdin is up on the roof with Jasmine and he gestures out at the city below them when they are up on the roof or on the magic carpet. It has been awhile since I last saw that movie.

I intend to make a See this view! pose that points the other way too.

This was another challenging pose because of the arm that points out. The arm would look disjointed. It's like you have a cloth wrung out and you want to loosen it. It took me an hour or so to unwring out the arm. I'm pleased with the results.

And the outfit was from the She Wants Revenge closing sale. The jewelry was included in the outfit. It's an Adored outfit. It came in blue, purple, red, and black. You need to go to Hayman, all outfits are 10L. Hurry! But the pretty pumps are 80L, sorry ladies. I really liked them, but I think I have enough shoes.

And a bit of sad news, I've decided to leave Verona Beach. Traffic is low there and I don't get many visitors or customers there. Funloving and rosal have been so good to me and helpful, but I can't keep paying for a store that doesn't pay for itself.

My Ross store doesn't get a whole lot of business, but it has potential. And Ross is on its own parcel. That is a big plus. Since I got my own parcel at The Bottoms I've been getting more sales too.

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