Saturday, December 31, 2016

A naughty pose set created for Christmas and released now!

Hey lovelies!

I am back with a new pose just in time for the new year!

I created it weeks before and it is featured on my 2016 Christmas card. I marked it as restricted on flickr just in case it was seen as adult. I hoped you were even a little naughty during the holidays, naughty in a good way of course as you spent time with loved ones.

My pose is now released to MP. I call it Sexy Girl pose set.

The male avatar is only topless. He is wearing pants but it just would not work for the photo. My avatar is wearing applier lingerie. The angle of the photo makes it appear that both models are nude.

So on MP, you will have to enable Adult content to view this product on my marketplace page. 

My avatar is sitting on a lounge sofa by DRD, the Villa Rouge sofa which I found on marketplace. It was tough deciding on just one sofa. There are so many gorgeously made and well-textured furnitures. This one is special because of the texture change HUD that is included in the package. It had more color choices all for just one price. Also, the drapes behind me are from Rustica, also on marketplace. You can just click to edit the mesh and go to the texture tab to change the color using the color picker. You do not even have to apply a texture to the curtains. The texture render on the drapes is excellent, the shadows are already baked in.

Have a Happy New Year! May 2017 be your greatest year yet!

Thanks for viewing my blog and leaving comments and visiting my store inworld.

Style credits:

head: CATWA Destiny
applier: amara beauty Jade
lingerie: MMC Susan Lingerie
body: Maitreya Lara 3.5

head: CATWA Paul
body: SLINK Physique male

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Halloween pose, Zombie Stare pose!

Hi lovelies!

I know, I'm late. Real life has been very busy.

Finally got around to revisiting the zombie theme. My first pose ever created is the zombie stand pose, you can still get it for 1L at my MP page. I plan on redoing it in the future. Also, I hope to contine with my zombie pose series.

Now, I give you...Zombie Stare pose.

I really love how it turned out. It was fun to put the outfit together as well as position the body parts. I positioned the joints a bit askew because zombies are not too concerned about proper posture.

The mesh head is by Corvus. I have wanted to try their stuff for awhile but I did not know until weeks ago that they had appliers for the Maitreya body. So yay! They have a variety of mesh heads and this is the first one that I have tried. The head is called Nahara undead. Nahara even comes in a regular version with tones like tan and fair. Her mesh head line is new. This head is amazing! The texturing and the shape is really well done. The blood and cuts are so realistic and I really love the gothic feel to the heads, skins and makeup layers. If you have ever seen Corvus on MP, then you know what I mean. I plan to try the other heads soon. They have an inworld store too!

The blood on my skin is from Izzie's. I like how she is open to doing cutesy stuff and also more gory stuff like blood. Besides the bloody wound layers she even has bloody nose appliers for the Catwa and LOGO head and Omega too I think.

I don't know if you can see but the eyes look a bit unearthly. I finally got to use a pair of texture change mesh eyes. I have a collection actually. These ones are from MP and they are the customeyes by anara. I like how the eyes glow.

And lastly, the dress and shoes were quite a find. I wanted a realistic torn dress and bloody shoes. I like how the hem of the dress looks ragged and it looks dirty. The shoes were nicely bloodied and the pack came with a white and black pair of shoes, I chose to wear the white pair to match the dress. The puddle of blood was painted in using Photoshop and I used gaussian blur to make the blood shine a bit.

This pose is now available on MP. I will try to get it out at my inworld store by tomorrow but we'll see. I am still busy with real life stuff.


Mesh head: Corvus : Nahara Head (Undead/Murdered)

Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5

*X*plosion DirtyDress (White) (M)
Shoes: :)(: Bloody Pumps - Maitreya in white by PixelFashion

Eyes: Customeyes v1.0 by Anara

hair: Magika Forget
lashes: FateLashes by Damien Fate

blood: Izzie's Face & Body Blood & Wounds by Izzie Button

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Heat Faint pose...latest!

Hello, hello! Long time no update, so sorry! I have had a very busy summer. I hope you all have been well and that you had some fun on your vacations.

I am happy to release Variposa Heat Faint pose.

I have made it full perm and included it in the vendor with my 2 sunbathing full perm poses. I plan to create more sun bathing poses.

It has been such a hot summer for many. I wish I could have just lain in the sun and done nothing.

I am pleased though that I had a productive summer. I worked in RL and I got an A in my Accounting class! Yay! Hard work produces good results.

Style credits:

mesh head: CATWA HEAD Gwen v4.8 [Upgradable]
eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Ice
hair: Exile::Wicked Games
Dress: !gO! Lottia dress - M
mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
mesh hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.4 -  Elegant
shoes: Glamistry : HEATHER Heels for slink
mesh feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V 2.4

You can try the pose inworld and buy it on MP.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Suavecito...NEW manly pose!

Hi everyone!

I am happy to bring you my newest pose, Suavecito. The name is from an old Ricky Martin song, One Night Man. I love Latin music.

Suavecito is about a smooth, cultured and confident man who knows who he is and knows what he wants out of life. He is suave.

The pose was made using the Slink Physique male body. It may not fit the Aesthetic body. Julio might get that body someday, if his finances improve. It is a big investment. Permissions are copy and modify only.


hair: RAW HOUSE Akuma browns

shirt: Rosenwolf Men's Mesh 3/4 Sleeve shirts - Leather multitexture

skin: Labyrinth Gideon tanned

hands: SLink AvEnhance male hands-Relax

eyes: IKON Promise Eyes Midnight

Inworld: Coming soon!
Marketplace: Coming soon!

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Variposa 2nd Kickboxing Pose set

Hey and I'm back with another Kickboxing set for the Stuff Style event!

I call this one Strike set.

I liked the interaction between the two figures. The aggressor is trying to kick the defender in the head and the head of the defender is being shielded by the fist and elbow. I think my resulting poses are very realistic.

It was hard to position the legs and arms so that the limbs wouldn't look funny but I think I did it fine. There aren't too many poses with high kicks so I thought I'd try. I love a challenge.

The credits are the same except for the pants on Victoria. Those are by MUTRESSE, Caca pants in 14 colors, texture change HUD is included. The other pair just didn't look that good due to how the mesh body stretched for my avatar in the raised position.

You can see the Akuma hair on Julio a bit more too. I like how the bangs lie on his forehead.

The Stuff Style event is now open!


See you around!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Variposa Kickboxing Pose set

Hey groupies and friends!

I am pleased to announce that Variposa is one of the designers in the Stuff Style event. The theme for March is sports.

Kickboxing is one of the choices I came up with and I am glad I chose it. I had lots of fun searching for the clothing and accessories for the product shots.

I loved how the gloves fit on my hands. Unfortunately, they are not rigged to Slink hands. The good news is that you can re-position and resize them. There is a resize script and you can change position using the Edit window.

The capris on my avatar are nice. I can change the color of the side stripe using a texture change HUD. I love finding brands I have never heard of, it turned out to be a good find.

The shorts on Julio came in 9 colors and I liked the texture. It is low in the back but it looks good for an athletic shot. Maybe next time I will put a t-shirt on him.

One of my favorite parts about this ensemble, the shoes. They are running shoes by ~i~ and I could change the stripes on the sides. I didn't want high top sneakers so at the last minute I thought of running shoes.

Oh and Julio finally switched to a different hair. I will show the front of the hair soon.

Styling credits:

hair: +elua+ Brenda dark browns
earrings: Emyprean Forge Yang from Enchantment
sports bra: ~i~ Sports tank & appliers in white
pants: !HC! MESH Capri Sweats
gloves: dl Boxing gloves 2 colors, red
shoes: ~i~ Runnings shoes Female (Slink flat)

hair: RAW HOUSE Akuma browns
gloves: dl Boxing gloves 2 colors, black
shorts:[SWaGGa] Packing 9 gym shorts
shoes: ~i~ Runnings shoes Male (Slink flat)


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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Didn't even matter pose, NEW for men!

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all keeping warm if your country is cold and you are safe, wherever you are.

Before I introduce my pose, I want to apologize ahead of time. The pose is inspired by a sad or angry song. The song brings me back to a time in life when I was frustrated, depressed and trying to find my identity.

The song is by Linkin Park, In the end. The line goes, "In the didn't even matter." It has never been one of my favorites but the lyrics have always gotten to my heart. We all remember trying hard to achieve something and we don't always achieve what we set out to do. Some of us get angry and rant, while others of us cry or withdraw into ourselves and try to accept it. I hope that you accept failure when you face it, instead of fighting it. We cannot always win. Even with a name like Victoria, I know that I cannot win every fight I am in and my life is not full of victory (Oh, how I wish it were!).


Come check it out!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just Darling's Daydream gown

Hey everyone!

I'm trying to catch up on blogging. Sorry for the delay!

This dress is Just Darling's Daydream gown in peach. It was at the Black Tie event, original ad is included, the event seems to be over.
Just Darling:

It is such a dreamy, fairytale-like gown. I feel like a princess.

The bodice is my favorite part about this gown. Lace overlays translucent satin.

Paired with the earrings and necklace, it looks outstanding! Jewelry is from Empyrean Forge. The earrings are from the Yang set available at the Enchantment event, shown in gold. The knots look authentic Chinese knotting. The necklace is from last month's Shiny Shabby, Arcadia in gold.

This hair is just so pretty. It is a romantic updo from Alice Project, Danae, from this month's HairOlogy event.

Makeup, lipstick and eyeshadow is by Deeses and available at Flower Power 2016. I have on the Natacha lips in red and the Shinie eyeshadow. They are applier makeup for the CATWA head. I am wearing the Gwen head and I love it.
Flower Power 2016:

Eyes are by IKON.

Last but not least, the pose! This is my latest pose, Didn't even matter pose. I will release it soon! Look for a post about it!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A cyber look from (Poisoned Diamond)

Coming to the Thrift Shop, these totally mesh cyber arms from (Poisoned Diamond), created by Aude Adored. I have never worn mesh cyber arms before but these ones are just totally cool. I love the detail of the way they were formed and how the textures were drawn. Plus, you get not one but six different colors to choose from. Colors are white, red, black, blue, green, and purple.

Thrift shop:

The only real downside for me is that the different colors are on separate arms so you do not have a texture HUD and they may not work with Slink hands. You have to attach upper and lower parts of the arms so be aware that once you open the box, a big folder will unpack to your inventory.

With that in mind, these are still some of the best mesh cyber arms that I have ever seen in SL.  You can even wear different colored arm sections by mixing and matching, like you can wear a red wrist and a blue upper arm part on your left arm and a black forearm and purple hand on your right arm.

Black lips are by Deese's Boutique available at Flower Power 2016, the Natacha lips that match the Natacha skin. Flower power:

This tight bodysuit is by DE Designs, the Alexa catsuit. I bought it off marketplace here:

Boots are from [Scarpunk], my newest find on marketplace. These are rigged mesh. The price and the quality is just great! The boots will not work with Slink feet but for boots, it's not necessary. The feet will be fully covered anyway. Marketplace:

Hair, Scout, is by Damselfly from latest round of FAMeshed. I love that event. I am wearing the hair in dark brown. FAMeshed:

Pose: ROQUAI phoenix 3 by Joanna Corinth:

Pose 2: Di's Opera Puissant Series 1-6

Necklace: Empyrean Forge Arcadia necklace in gold from January Shiny Shabby

Have fun and update you soon!

Victoria Lenoirre

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

NEW for men - Faraway Dreams pose from Variposa!

Hey everyone!

I am back with a new pose for the men, Faraway Dreams pose!

I liked the faraway look of this pose after I finished positioning all the limbs. Then I remembered a line from an Aerosmith song, "while you're faraway and dreaming..." from their song, "I don't want to miss a thing."

The photo was taken in color but I ended up desaturating it and then adding in several hue/saturation layers to bring out the colors.

It seems to be about a person who lives in a black & white world but his dreams are colorful and beckon him, though they are faraway.

Pose inworld here:
Pose available at marketplace:

Have a great rest of your week and have a fun, safe weekend!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thoughtful pose for men!

Hi everyone!

Finally back with a new pose! I hope you didn't think I forgot about you!

This is Thoughtful pose.

It was made for men who are confident of themselves. This is a great casual photo for modelling. I love how it turned out.
This pose was made to fit with the Slink male physique, EPOS Achilles body, Absolut Creations Adam body and the default avatar body. It should fit most normal sized male bodies. I do not own the Niramyth yet so my poses may not fit that body. Please demo before buying. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Available on MP and inworld.

Have fun!

Victoria Lenoirre

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just Darling's Tia Gown

Hi lovelies!

I know it's a bit late but I am showing you the details for my latest Just Darling photo. I put it up on flickr.

I went to this cool Alice in Wonderland sim, Creepy Alice [Creepy pasta roleplay].

Isn't it funny what landmarks you find in your inventory, if you are a LM collector like me? I try to sort them but I always have a lot that aren't placed in folders. I love to explore sims.

As you can see, I am lounging on a huge flower. Usually a gown requires a standing pose but I decided to sit on the flower and go through the pose menu.

This gown is a tight, curve-hugging number that fits right into this glowing, iridescent, strange environment. The Tia gown by Just Darling is gorgeous and I'm wearing it in teal. Behind me is a glowing green crystal, how cool is that? You can visit the store inworld here.

The hair is from last month's Hairology, no_match's ~no_reason~. The hair attachment is included and it looks really pretty.

The spiked jewelry is by Real Evil Industries. The necklace has RLV and Open Collar scripts. The set includes rings, bracelets, earrings and a texture change HUD.

That's all for now!

- Vic

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Introducing Ballet series of poses...

Hello all!

I am pleased to introduce my first ballet pose. A friend of mine was asking if I had any ballet poses at my store and I realized that I should. I have always loved watching ballet dancers. They have this poise and grace that I admire and wish I had. They are so sleek and serene like swans.

This is the first in a series I plan to create.

The leotard is from Dead Dollz and it's available at Shiny Shabby. The tights are from Izzie's like in my previous post, I love how the tights are an applier layer so they fit under the leotard seamlessly and smoothly. These are the cozy tights. They match the leotard and shoes so well.

The shoes are the Kerin flats from REIGN. Hair is the Klara hair from Amacci, an older hair that might not be mesh. It is a cute updo.

I am also wearing the Jessica Catwa head and wearing [theSkinnery] Hitomi applier in Caramel. I got it from Tres Chic last month and I love it! And as always, I am wearing the Maitreya body 3.4 and Slink feet and hands. The feet I am wearing are the flat feet.

Lighting system is the LumiPro by stefan Buscaylet.

You can find this pose on marketplace and inworld.

Have fun!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Amelia and Crocus...

I have another Just Darling dress to blog, this time a short party dress. Amelia is sweet and flirty. I am wearing it in black.

I decided to add leggings to it. Leggings are from Izzie's, her cozy tights. They are so cool! They have nice wrinkles and they come with a texture HUD.

The hair is an older item from AMACCI Hair, Klara. I think it's cute and fits my ensemble nicely. I think it's from an old Hair Fair event, maybe 2013.

Oh and last but not least, the shoes! I love them and I have worn them in purple. They look just as good if not better in black. These are Crocus by Glamistry.

Glamistry is having a promo deal on Crocus now.

Purchase any single color for Crocus heels and receive 3 more colors absolutely for FREE!

Here's how it works:
1. Purchase any single color for Crocus heels. Be it marketplace, mainstore or your Crocus's HUD - doesn't matter, all will do.
2. Open and use the following promo code: SGBXFA
3. System will randomly choose 3 colors which you do not own yet and will add them to your HUD for FREE!

Offer ends in Jan 24th 11:59PM SLT!

Inworld store:

Have fun! And if you love cars, check out Surplus Motors! The owner is a friend of mine. Her selection is huge and her customer service is most excellent!

Photo location: Surplus Motors

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lanie, a Just Darling dress

Hi everyone! This is another fashion blog post.

I am showing off Just Darling's Lanie in purple. You can find the dress here.

It comes with appliers for Omega, Slink physique, and Maitreya. It includes a mesh skirt panel in 5 sizes. plus a prim bottom and a prim top.

In the photo I am wearing the Maitreya appliers with the mesh skirt panel in small.

The curly hair is just lovely. I like wearing curly hairstyles. It is so nice not to have to curl it and comb through it. It is an older mesh hair from little bones, Aqua in landslide. It is an ombre shade I believe. I wore it in black and it has some bluish hues in it which I love.  I think it was from an old round of N21.

Style credits
head: CATWA Jessica
applier: [theSkinnery] Hitomi
hair: little bones Aqua (S) in landslide
dress: Just Darling Lanie in purple

body: Maitreya Lara V3.4
feet: Slink
hands: Slink

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fashion post, Just Darling Yule gown...

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are having a great New Year thus far!

I'm blogging about this dress from Just Darling that was released in December.

It is the Yule dress and I'm wearing it in red.

I love dresses with only one strap. It looks regal and stately. The flowers adorning the skirt and bustle are so lovely.

I've worn the hair for several photos, I just love it. The layering is a lot like my RL hairstyle.

The head applier is from [theSkinnery] and I adore it. It is called Hitomi. It has a sad expression to it and reminds me of my own face. It is one of the best Asian skins that I have seen in years. It was at the Tres Chic event.


dress: Just Darling Yule in red
hair: *ARGRACE* Miyabi
head: Catwa Jessica
applier: [theSkinnery] Hitomi
bracelets: Izzie's Nidhi

pose: Di's Opera Divine series

Take care!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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